Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

2011 Research Seminars

Speaker Affiliation Area Topic Date/Time Location
Brian Viard Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business ITO The Effect of Content on Global Internet Adoption Jan 5 — 11:00 am 3S138
Sally Sadoff University of Chicago Econ/Strategy Designing Incentives to Increase Achievement: Evidence from Randomized Experiments Jan 5 — 2:00 pm 4E106
Michael Kraus UC San Francisco Management Class and Power: Macro- and Micro-Level Influences of Hierarchy on Behavior Jan 6 — 10:30 am 4E106
Robyn Leboeuf University of Florida Marketing Consequence-Cause Matching: How and Why People Use Event Consequences to Infer Event Causes Jan 11 — 2:00 pm 4S138
Caio Almeida FGV in Brazil Assessing Misspecifications in Asset Pricing Models with Nonlinear Projections of Pricing Kernels Jan 12 — noon 1E106
Sriram Dasu USC TBD Jan 12 — 11:00 am 3S138
Judd Kessler Harvard University Econ/Strategy Signals in Support and Public Good Provision Jan 12 — 10:30 am 4E106
Nathan Novemsky Yale Marketing The Role of Experiences and Beliefs in Hedonic Forecasts Jan 14 — 2:00 pm 4S138
Margaret McConnell Harvard University Econ/Strategy Getting to the Top of Mind: How Reminders Increase Saving Jan 18 — 3:00 pm 3E107
Louisa Egan Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Management Choice-induced preferences in the absence of choice: evidence froma blind two choice paradigm with young children and capuchin monkeys Jan 19 — 10:30 am 4E106
Christopher Oveis Harvard Management Compassion and Power: Consequences and Conflicts Jan 24 — 2:00 pm 1S113
Matthew Levy Harvard/University of California, Berkeley Econ/Strategy Habit Formation, Naivete, and Projection Bias in Gym Attendance Jan 25 — 10:30 am 1E106
Marta Serra Garcia Tilburg University, The Netherlands Econ/Strategy Moral Hazard in Credit Markets: The Incentive Effect of Collateral Jan 27 — 10:30 am 1E106
Andreas Fuster Harvard Econ/Strategy Expectations as Endowments: Evidence on Reference-Dependent Preferences from Exchange and Valuation Experiments Jan 31 — 2:00 pm 1S113
Matthew Spiegel Yale School of Management Finance Dynamic Competition, Valuation and Merger Activity Feb 1 — 2:45 pm 1E106
Moses Shayo Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Yale University Econ/Strategy Judicial Ingroup Bias in the Shadow of Terrorism Feb 2 — TBD
Kewei Hou Ohio State University Finance Profitability Shocks and the Size Effect in the Cross–Section of Expected Stock Returns Feb 7 — 10:30 am 3E107
Mina Cikara MIT/Princeton Management Us Versus Them: Social Identity Shapes Neural Responses to Intergrop Competition and Harm Feb 7 — 2:00 pm 3E107
David Robinson Duke University Finance Equity in the 21st Century:Cash Flows, Performance, and Contract Terms from 1984 – 2010 Feb 8 — 2:45 pm 1E106
Vanessa Bohns University of Toronto/Columbia University Management "I Can't Believe You Agreed to That!": Underestimating Our Influence Over Others in Help-Seeking Feb 9 — 10:00 am 1E106
Lynn Zucker UCLA ITO Economic Effects of the Co-Evolution of Universities and Firms Feb 9 — noon 3S138
Drazen Prelec MIT Management Neural correlates of reward-related self-deception Feb 14 — 2:00 pm 3E107
Kewei Hou Ohio State University Econ/Strategy TBD Feb 14 — 2:45 pm TBD
Geert Bekaert Columbia Business School Finance Asset Return Dynamics under Bad Environment-Good Environment Fundamentals Feb 16 — noon 1E106
Adam Galinsky Northwestern Management TBD Feb 21 — 2:00pm TBD
Shuya Yin UC Irvine ITO TBD Feb 23 — 11:00am 3S138
Joseph Engelberg University of North Carolina Finance Journalists and the Stock Market Feb 25 — 10:30am 1S114
Richard Thaler University of Chicago Booth School of Business Econ/Strategy Split or Steal? Cooperative Behavior When the Stakes Are Large Feb 28 — noon 4S138
Gur Huberman Columbia Econ/Strategy Moral Hazard and Debt Maturity Mar 2 — noon 4S138
Christopher K. Hsee University of Chicago Marketing Fate or Fight?
Comparing the hedonic consequences of free competition and binding assignment as two resource-allocation systems
Mar 4 — 2:15pm 1S113
Yuval Rottenstreich NYU Management Three Properties of Loss Aversion Mar 7 — 2:00pm 3E107
Clemens Sialm University of Texas at Austin Finance Complex Mortgages Mar 8 — 2:45pm 3E107
Jonathan Levav Columbia University Marketing Prisoners of Their Own Resources Mar 10 — 1:00pm 4E106
Zack Grossman UC Santa Barbara Econ/Strategy An Unlucky Feeling: Overconfidence and Noisy Feedback Mar 16 — noon 4S138
Jeremy Stein Harvard University Department of Economics Finance A Comparative-Advantage Approach Mar 16 — 2:45pm 1E106
Dr. Bill Swann University of Texas Now that’s commitment: Identity fusion and dying for ones’ group Mar 21 — 2:00pm 3E107
Kristof Madarasz London School of Economics Econ/Strategy Information Projection in Bayesian Games: Bargaining and Coordination. Mar 22 — noon 4S138
Joseph S. Chen UC Davis Finance Yield Curve Predictors of Foreign Exchange Returns Apr 12 — 1:45pm 1E107
Itay Fainmesser Brown University Econ/Strategy Community Structure and Market Outcomes: A Repeated Games in Networks Approach Apr 13 — noon 4S138
Uma Karmarkar Stanford University Marketing Sticker Shock: The Role of Price Primacy in the Decision Process Apr 14 — 2:00pm 4E106
Gal Oestreicher-Singer Tel-Aviv University ITO TBD Apr 18 — 3:30pm 3E107
Wei Xiong Princeton University Finance Index Investment and Financialization of Commodities, Commodity Index Traders Apr 19 — 2:45pm 1E107
Ravi Dhar Yale Marketing The Beautiful are the Bold Apr 20 — 2:15pm 3E107
David Huffman Econ/Strategy A research agenda on behavioral labor economics Apr 21 — noon 4S138
Jonathan Zinman Dartmouth College Econ/Strategy Behavioral Common Factors? From Measurement to Modeling Apr 25 — noon 4S138
Teck-Hua Ho UC Berkeley ITO A Dynamic Level-k Model in Centipede Games Apr 27 — 2:00pm 3E107
Florian Zimmermann University of Bonn Econ/Strategy Preferences for Consistency Apr 29 — noon 4S138
Feng Zhu USC Marshall School of Business ITO Ad Revenue and Content Commercialization: Evidence from Blogs May 2 — 2:00pm 3E107
Klaus Wertenbroch Wharton School Marketing Self-Signaling and the Costs and Benefits of Temptation in Consumer Choice May 4 — noon 4S138
Joshua Graff Zivin IRPS, UC San Diego ITO TBD May 9 — 3:30pm 3E107
Michael Norton Harvard Business School Marketing Paying What Forward? May 12 — 2:00pm 4E106
Rann Smorodinsky The Technion Econ/Strategy Approximately Optimal Mechanism Design via Differential Privacy May 13 — noon 4S138
Andrei Hagiu Harvard Business School ITO Quantity vs. Quality: Exclusion By Platforms With Network Effects May 16 — 3:30pm 3E107
Juanjuan Zhang MIT Sloan School of Management Marketing Strategic Demarketing May 19 — 2:15pm 1E107
Brendan K. Beare
Lawrence Schmidt
UC San Diego, Economics Dept. Finance An empirical test of pricing kernel monotonicity May 24 — 2:45pm 1E107
Jing Cynthia Wu

James Hamilton
Booth School of Business, Univ. of Chicago

UC San Diego, Economics Dept.
Finance Testable Implications of Affine-Term-Structure Models May 31 — 2:45pm 1E107
Thorsten Hens University of Zurich Finance Three Solutions to the Pricing Kernel Puzzle Jun 7 — 2:45pm 1E107
Marius F. Niculescu Georgia Institute of Technology — College of Management ITO When Should Software Firms Commercialize New Products via Freemium Business Models? Sept. 21 — noon Otterson Hall #3S138
Michael A. Lapre Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management ITO The Simultaneous Impact of Learning-Curve Heterogeneity and Workload on Orthopedic Procedure Times Sept. 27 — 10:30 a.m. Otterson Hall #3S138
Mark Westerfield University of Southern California Finance Economic Ties: Evidence from Venture Capital Networks Sep. 28 — 1:45 p.m. TBD
Kenneth C. Wilbur Duke University/USC Marketing Price Advertising by Multiple Channel Members Oct. 4 — 10:30 a.m. Otterson Hall, #3E107
Yaniv Shani Tel Aviv University Econ/Strategy Accidentally on Purpose Oct. 5 — noon TBD
Jean Twenge San Diego State University Management Generational Differences in Personality Traits and Work Attitudes Oct. 6 — 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3E107
Ab Litt Stanford University Marketing Experience Distortion by Quality and Motivational Signals Oct. 11 — 2:00 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3E107
Bill Harbaugh University of Oregon Econ/Strategy The Menstrual Cycle and Performance Feedback Alter Gender Differences in Competitive Choices Oct. 12 — noon TBD
Haitao Li University of Michigan Finance TBD Oct. 12 — 1:45 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3e107
Andrew Hertzberg Columbia Business School Finance Exponential Individuals, Hyperbolic Households Oct. 20 — 1:45 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3E107
Milica Milosavljevic Stanford University Marketing Relative Visual Saliency Differences Induce Sizable Bias in Consumer Choice Oct. 25 — 10:30 a.m. Otterson Hall, #3E107
Jason Dana University of Pennsylvania Econ/Strategy Reluctant Altruism Oct. 26 — noon Otterson Hall, #3S111
Hao Zhang University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business ITO Dynamic Performance-Based Business Share Allocation in a Supply Chain with Substitutable Suppliers Oct. 26 — 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3S138
Dina Mayzlin Yale University Marketing Link to Success: How Blogs Build an Audience by Promoting Rivals Oct. 27 — 10:30 a.m. Otterson Hall, #1E107
Tyler Shumway University of Michigan Finance Portfolio Rebalancing in General Equilibrium Oct. 27 — 1:45 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3e107
Elanor F. Williams University of Florida Marketing Double Standards in the Use of Enhancing Products by Self and Others Oct. 28 — 10:30 a.m. Otterson Hall, #4S138
Karim Lakhani Harvard Business School ITO Field Experimental Evidence on Sorting, Incentives and Creative Worker Performance Nov. 1 — 12:00 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3S138
Gavin Cassar University of Pennsylvania Accounting Alternative Information Sources and Information Asymmetry Reduction: Evidence from Small Business Debt Nov. 2 — 1:45 p.m. Otterson Hall, #1E107
Raphael Thomadsen UCLA Anderson School of Management Marketing Push vs. Pull: The Case for 50-50 Nov. 3 — 10:30 a.m. Otterson Hall, #1E107
Bin Gu University of Texas at Austin - McCombs School of Business ITO IT Infrastructure Governance and IT Investment Performance: An Empirical Analysis Nov. 9 — noon Otterson Hall, #3S138
Yuval Rottenstreich Stern School of Business, New York University Management Subjective Value from Acquisition and Risk Nov. 9 — 1:30 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3S138
Heitor Almeida College of Business at Illinois Finance Aggregate Risk and the Choice between Cash and Lines of Credit
Nov. 10 — 1:45 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3e107
Stefano DellaVigna Berkeley Econ/Strat Voting to Tell Others: Evidence from
a Field Experiment
Nov. 16 — 12:00pm to 1:00pm Otterson Hall, #MPR2
Leif Nelson UC Berkeley Econ/Strategy Finding and Fixing False-Positives in Behavioral Science Nov. 30 — noon Otterson Hall, #3S111
Dirk Jenter Stanford Graduate School of Business Finance Performance-induced CEO Turnover Nov. 30 — 1:45 .pm. Otterson Hall, #3e107
Betsey Stevenson The Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania
Econ/Strategy Growth in Income and Subjective Well-Being Over Time Dec. 6 - 2:00 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3E107
Dirk Hackbarth College of Business, Illinois Finance Granularity of Corporate Debt: Theory and Tests Dec. 8 - 1:45 p.m. Otterson Hall, #3e107