Rady Golf Classic

2017 Rady Golf Classic

Monday, August 28, 2017

Invest in Rady MBA Fellowships

Since its founding, the Rady School has been guided by visionary leadership. Rady School alumni and students are impacting the community through a shared commitment to innovation and collaboration. Many of our students and alumni have had the opportunity to attend our elite program because of fellowship support. The annual Rady Golf Classic provides fellowship support to outstanding MBA students, relieving them of the financial burden of attaining a Rady School education.

"When I think about what Rady does, it allows for a place where leaders can change in order to change people. It is where leaders can find their voice in order to bring value. When you give to Rady, you understand where innovation happens, where jobs will be created, where lives are really going to be impacted. I want to thank you not only from a student and fellowship recipient's perspective, but really as someone who is trying their best to make an impact in the community."
- Martyn Gross, Fellowship Recipient
Rady Flex Evening 2015

How You Benefit:

As a sponsor of the Rady Golf Classic, you will join our prestigious family of companies and individual stakeholders and associate your business with nationally recognized companies. Enjoy premium recognition benefits that will promote your company to an upscale target market with demonstrated buying power and influence.


The Rady School would like to thank its 2016 Rady Golf Classic family of sponsors:

American Assets Trust
Annex Brands
Bioinvaders Incorporated
Biomed Realty
Cubic Corporation
Econ Evidence
Executive Oil Services
Farrell Family Foundation
Ginger Shots

J.P. Morgan Securities and Curtis Swindal
Moss Adams LLP
Rady Children's Hospital Foundation
San Diego Marriott Del Mar
Senomyx Inc.
The Patio Restaurant Group
UC San Diego Chancellor's Associates
Union Bank