MBA Application Essay Questions

The essay questions from our online application are given here for your information and to help you prepare to apply to the program. The questions reflect our interest in learning more about how you work, think, and act. We hope these essay questions will help us get to know you both as a person and as an individual who can contribute to the Rady School and that they will be interesting for you to write. When we evaluate your essays as part of your application for admission, we consider your writing ability as well as the substance of your essays.

  1. Please give an example of a situation when your thinking differed from that of your colleagues or superiors. (500 word maximum)
  2. Please give an example of a time when you added demonstrable benefit to an organization, or to a project you were involved in, by generating a new idea or a creative solution to a problem. (500 word maximum)
  3. What makes this the right time for your MBA studies, personally and professionally? What do you want to gain from your education at Rady and what do you plan to contribute to the Rady program? (300 word maximum)

There are two optional essays which you may wish to use to provide us with additional information. Please do not feel you must respond to these questions if you are satisfied your application represents you well.

Full-Time MBA Applicants Only:
If you wish to be considered for any need-based fellowship award, you are required to complete Essay No. 4.

  1. OPTIONAL: Please provide any information on economic, family or personal circumstances that you believe would help us in understanding the scope of your achievements. (250 word maximum)
  2. OPTIONAL: Please feel free to provide any additional information you would like us to consider in evaluating your application. If you believe this application already represents you well, do not feel you need to respond to this question. (250 word maximum)