Collaborative Learning

Inside and outside the classroom, Rady students collaborate to create opportunities for new or deeper learning.

Collaboration sets learning in motion

Your classmates bring deep experience in a wide variety of industries and functions to each class discussion or project. They have lived, studied and worked around the globe, and been involved in companies of all sizes and at all stages of development. Their expertise and experience is an asset for your learning and your professional growth.

Study Groups

In the core curriculum, your study team is your home base and your support network. Every team represents a diversity of educational and professional backgrounds and perspectives. You will find teammates whose strengths complement your own, and who help you learn in one area as you help them in another.

Project Teams

In electives, independent study and Lab to Market, you will work in teams formed around specific projects, interests or ideas. Project assignments are designed to ensure that you apply your new knowledge to real world problems or situations. Issues you and your organization are facing become, in real-time, the subject of project work, demonstrating the value of your educational investment to your company.