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Rady MBA For Biotech Professionals

With applications in pharmacology, medicine, medical devices, agriculture, and industry, leaders of the biotechnology field might work in many settings around the world. Not just confined to labs, they are in positions that impact public policy, healthcare, and virtually every area of modern life. Masters programs for biotechnology and applied sciences professionals meet the need for greater knowledge of the business tools needed to responsibly bridge theory and real-world applications.

The MBA for biotech professionals, like our MBA for Health Sciences, resulted from collaboration between Rady and UC San Diego Health Sciences, a top academic medical center. Many interested applicants come from fields such as bioengineering and have an interest in successfully marketing products and services related to applied sciences.

The Rady Core Curriculum

Graduate programs leading to an MBA for biotech professionals is based on a strong core curriculum that includes useful coursework in risk analysis, econometrics, and financial accounting to give you a solid basis in the skills you need to both contribute to your employer or to propel your own entrepreneurial efforts to success. Depending on your schedule, yuou can enroll in the full-time or part-time MBA program.

In the Rady MBA program, biotechnology professionals will learn:

  • Useful skills and knowledge that you can apply in your current position
  • How to increase your level of responsibility within your organization
  • Ways to make additional contributions to an expanding, pervasive field
  • How to expand your network of students, professionals, and business people who can help you now and in the future

Electives In Biotechnology And Applied Sciences

MBA programs for professionals in the biotechnology field offer the opportunity to take useful electives in engineering and life sciences that you will view with new perspectives as a result of your exposure to the core curriculum. As you pursue your MBA, you will participate in relevant Lab to Market programs that help you apply your newly acquired knowledge. Over the course of the program, you will also attend seminars and enjoy other interactions with leaders already working in the field.

What you will take away from your Rady education is not just a new credential on paper, but a better understanding of how to research, analyze, market, and monetize excellent services based on key concepts in your field.


For application and admissions information about an MBA for biotech professionals, go to:  http://rady.ucsd.edu/mba/admissions/apply/