Amanda Esquivel, FlexEvening MBA ‘11

As the Marketing/Communications Committee Chair and an Executive Committee Member of the Rady Alumni Board, Amanda Esquivel (MBA ’11) strives to participate in the shaping of a strong Rady alumni community. Esquivel is a Management Analyst at Global Defense, Inc., where she works with a wide array of stakeholders to integrate complex information systems. She took time out of her busy schedule to discuss why she is so passionate about the Rady School.

Why did you choose to attend the Rady School?

I chose the Rady School because it is a young program and I wanted to be a part of something new. Because Rady is young, there is the opportunity, which is really hard to come by, to formulate the culture. We, as alumni, have input into how the school can improve and what alumni can do to help build the culture.

What do you feel makes the Rady School unique?

The Rady School has an unbelievable amount of entrepreneurial spirit. There are several people from my class who are building their own companies – and that’s just one cohort. That is really amazing. There are so many entrepreneurs coming here and students get to be exposed to that level of thinking, which impacts creativity and a whole host of other skills.

What was your favorite aspect of the Rady School curriculum?

The Rady School’s Lab to Market course sequence was great because it really allowed us to exercise our independence in a safe environment. We were able to make our own decisions, fail, get up and try again − without having the repercussions of doing it in the real-world. However, it felt real-world because we really had freedom and got to start a business.

How has a Rady MBA enhanced your career?

Rady helped me secure my current position by providing me with the broad skill set and knowledge base required to add value to a small business. Coupled with my work history and performance, my Rady MBA gave my hiring managers confidence in my ability to tackle any task, regardless of the functional area.

Why should prospective students consider the Rady School?

One thing that resonated with me is that my cohort was really like a family. It helped carry me through the program. It was great to have that family feeling and be able to collaborate and rely on one another. We grew together and are still connected. It has helped me post-graduation to have that kind of support. We reach out to one another.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience at Rady?

I worked hard to get on the Rady Alumni Board because I wanted to make sure we continue to have a strong alumni network. I am excited to be part of building an enduring alumni community in San Diego and beyond.