Rady Summer Interns: What are you doing this summer?

We asked Rady School students to give us an update on what they are doing at their summer internships.

Rady Student: Ken Huang

Company: The Beyster Institute

Job Title: Associate Consultant

What I'm doing this summer: I apply different valuation techniques to our client companies. When a client comes to us, we determine what type of service they need. For example, if they want to implement an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), we have to first perform a valuation of the company. Then, according to the company value and available cash, we have to make different recommendations for them in order to facilitate the plan. Since every company has different goals, we have to customize the package for each client.

Ready through Rady: A lot of Rady classes have contributed to my performance here, but I would say Professor Engelberg’s Valuation class was the most important for this position. Valuation is actually an art. You need to have a lot of experience to do this job well. I am excited that I could learn valuation techniques from Professor Engelberg and work at the Beyster Institute to get practical experience.