Royan Kamyar, M.D. (Full-Time MBA 2010)

Why did you choose to attend the Rady School?

There are a dozen business schools that focus on entrepreneurship, but because my background is in medicine I wanted a program that could relate to health sciences. When I found the Rady School, I felt like it was too good to be true. The school was the perfect place to show me how to use my background for entrepreneurial activity.

What do you feel makes the Rady School unique?

For me, Lab to Market was a big part of the attraction of the Rady School. It is a one-year opportunity to build a startup and that's how I used it. Entrepreneurship is part of the fabric of the school. It's a place of people exchanging ideas, holding meet ups in their homes and having fireside chats. The Rady School has a real–life entrepreneurial culture.

How do you feel a Rady MBA has enhanced your career?

It's been a great networking opportunity. Ninety percent of my business network came from the Rady School, even though I'm from San Diego. That is from making contacts on campus, going to events and trade organizations that I've had constant direct access to.