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MBA Admissions Ambassadors are current students who provide first-hand knowledge of student life and academics here at the Rady School. Our Ambassadors welcome the opportunity to connect with you online or in-person for an informational meeting and tour of Rady facilities.

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David G. Harrit

B.A. Biological Sciences
University of California, Santa Barbara

David G. Harrit

Work Experience: Project Management

Industry Interests: Corporate Finance in Technology Industry 

Extracurricular Involvement: COO - Rady Operations, Cost and Supply Chain Club; CTO – Rady Life Sciences Club

"The Rady MBA experience thus far has been phenomenal.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time about every aspect of business; from marketing and finance to organizational strategy and leadership.  I have had the opportunity to work with individuals who are “the best and the brightest” and have quickly become close friends.  Their perspectives have shed a new light on my own experiences, and I can honestly say that I am a better leader than ever before.  I am confident that I will be able to enter a new company and begin contributing immediately."


Hiroya Carlos Oba

B.S. Physics
University of Tsukuba

Hiroya Carlos Oba

Work Experience: International Program Coordinator

Industry Interests: Non-profit and Social Entrepreneurship

Extracurricular Involvement: Rady Student Board, Asian Business Club

"While working for a government-subsidized company, I realized that getting an MBA would be the best way to help move my career forward.  Since UCSD is known as a prosperous research university with many high-tech companies in and around San Diego, I knew that as a Rady student I would have the chance to meet academics, as well as entrepreneurs.   This makes the Rady School really unique."


Sevi Oshinowo

B.A. Communication and American Ethics Studies
University of Washington

Seyi Oshinowo

Work Experience: Higher Education Administration

Industry Interests: Marketing, business development, recreation and fitness

Extracurricular Involvement: Leading With Service Club; CMO for Rady Student Board; Sports Business Club

"Rady is unlike any other MBA program because of the people. My classmates aspire to not only pursue their own dreams, but help others reach their goals as well.  I always pictured business school to be a suit-and-tie affair, constantly discussing Wall Street news. The Rady School is more than that - it has given me the platform to find myself, to find how I can benefit my future, and potentially others in the process. Once you step inside the Rady School, you feel as though you’re part of something special."


Qing Wang

B.A. in Art, minor in Economics
Wuhan University, China

M.S. in Art and Literature
Wuhan University, China

Qing Wang

Work Experience: Editor and Book Licensing Agent

Industry Interests: Accounting and Corporate Finance

Extracurricular Involvement: Rady Women MBA Association,  Rady Business Journal, Leading with Service

"Rady's renowned entrepreneurial environment and innovative community made it the best choice for my MBA.  The class size and curriculum offered me an unparalleled opportunity to network with current and future business leaders, as well as better understand diverse cultures. Lab to Market, a signature course at Rady, has helped me to understand fundamental business frameworks and translate my ideas into the marketplace."


Emily Wu

B.A. Economics
University of California, Los Angeles

Emily Wu

Work Experience: Sales and banking

Industry Interests: Finance and Accounting

Extracurricular Involvement: Rady Finance Club, Rady Student Board, UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge

"The Rady School is a fairly new business school, but everyone here cares.  The administration is focused on hiring the best faculty - it's not every day you learn from a Nobel Laureate.  Rady is fortunate to have Harry Markowitz teach and empower the students with his knowledge. Additionally, the cohesiveness and collaboration that can be found with the students, as well as the small class size, makes Rady unique. You really get the sense that the staff and faculty want to help students develop and grow."