Rady Asian Business Club

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Chicheng Lin, CEO

Joon Hwang, CCO

Shinichiro Yamamoto, COO

Andrew Juang, CFO

Chen Chen, CMO

Hui-Jung Kao (Blair), VP of education

Hiroya Oba (Carlos), VP of networking

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The Asian Business Club is interested in Asian business, societies and cultures. ABC is dedicated to promoting the networking and communications between the Rady community and Asian business communities in California and around the world.

ABC is comprised of Rady students from different countries and regions including the U.S., China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Korea, Iran and Vietnam.

Organizational Goals

  • Enhance the networking opportunities of Rady students by inviting local Asian business leaders to Rady panels and executive speaker events
  • Foster the understanding of Asian business environments and culture by organizing trips to local companies and institutes and to Asian countries and regions such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and other areas
  • Promote information acquisition by engaging Rady students in Asia business-related topics and ideas