Rady Leading With Service Club


Board Members

Aaron Chiu

Yoshiaki Ichinowatari

Hiroaki Matsunami

Karel E Reyes




MBA students and alumni have numerous opportunities to create social and environmental value by offering their time, and effort. Some use these opportunities to explore potential areas for career advancement, while others seek involvement in community activities outside their career. Nonprofit and mission-based organizations benefit from the volunteer's business skills and resources and these opportunities provide a valuable way for MBAs to connect to local and international communities on issues of personal interest and importance to society and the environment. Additionally volunteering provides an opportunity for business students to learn new skills, be a good role model and citizen, improve our community, make new friends and have fun. Rady LwS’s mission is to encourage philanthropic involvement and school unity through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Recent event host by club:

Hiro took the lead to host the annual Rady Soccer event which will take place in May, all proceeds will go to (Plant with Purpose) a San Diego based nonprofit focusing on reforestation and empowerment through planting trees in developing countries.

Aaron took the initiative and organize a trip to Ronald McDonald House for Charities, where a group of 10 Rady students help serve and provide meals for underprivileged families with sick children seeking medical attention at nearby Rady Children Hospital. We proudly served over 120 families in 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

We aim to engage the entire Rady community by providing a variety of volunteer work including:

  • Education
  • Children and youth
  • Environment
  • Health and wellness
  • Homeless
  • Families

Annual Events

  • Rady Trivial Night
  • Annual Sports event
  • Ronald McDonald House Charitable event
  • Beach Clean-up