Rady Summer Interns: What are you doing this summer?

We asked Rady School students to give us an update on what they are doing at their summer internships.

Rady Student: Mike Bruner

Company: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Job Title: Project Management Intern

What I'm doing: I am fortunate to be working with Tim Loon and Jacquie Neville in the Corporate Quality Group at Cisco this summer. My primary project is to define the value proposition of a quality dashboard currently dealing with usability issues and a route forward for the project. The dashboard was constructed by Cisco Corporate Quality and provides detailed information on the experiences of our largest customers with Cisco products. The metrics on the dashboard provide insight into quality of service by Cisco to particular customers in respect to software bugs, hardware returns, quality of response to service requests and similar matters. The findings I present will impact the decisions that will be made for the dashboard going forward, be it improvement, retirement, or some combination of the two. My research into the subject has consisted of diving into the data behind the dashboard that keeps it running and interviews with users of the dashboard in countries such as the Netherlands, Bulgaria, China, Italy and Canada.

Ready through Rady: Working within an immense organization such as Cisco requires the ability to navigate a variety of cultures and norms that are not always intuitive. Lessons learned in Organizational Strategy with Visiting Professor Erica Dawson have been of great benefit in transitioning from a graduate school environment in San Diego to that of a Fortune 500 technology company in Silicon Valley. Further, Operations with Professor Terry August has provided me the tools to understand the vast supply chain upon which Cisco’s manufacturing and logistics operations rely.

Rady Student: Tim Loon

Company: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Job Title: Project Management Intern

What I'm doing: My internship this summer is with the Corporate Quality division of Cisco (which falls under the Technical Support Services Group.) I’ve had the privilege of working alongside two other of my Rady MBA classmates at Cisco and it has been an amazing experience. My individual project consists of improving the accuracy and usability of a Cisco dashboard that business units and account executives use to measure reliability of software and hardware products. I’ve been garnering more and more experience in project management by determining necessary requirements, establishing goals and milestones, providing various plans of action and setting up routine status reports to upper management. Overall I have been learning a great amount from interning and meeting people at Cisco as well as from being entrenched in the entrepreneurial tech atmosphere that makes up Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Ready through Rady: Professor Oveis’ class on teamwork and leadership has been helpful in communicating and fostering collaboration between people from different departments. The intellectual discussions that we had in class in regards to working with different personalities and cultures became useful when working at a global tech company with employees of various backgrounds. Also, having a foundation of corporate finance from Professor Engelberg’s class and marketing from Visiting Professor Daroch’s class were helpful when approaching problems that involved aspects of budgeting and determining customer needs.

Rady Student: Jacquie Neville

Company: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Job Title: Quality Metrics Intern

What I'm doing: My internship this summer is with Cisco Systems, Inc. in San Jose, CA. I am working with the Product Analytics Team on a project dedicated to the Software Quality Transformation (SQT) initiative. Cisco is working to improve the quality of their software and therefore, customer satisfaction with it. I am helping to classify products in a way that will allow quality metrics to be used for product comparisons and transitions. This will also be used for better product management through establishing baselines, targets and goals for the classes.

Working at Cisco has been a great opportunity to learn and contribute. There are three of us from Rady in the Corporate Quality Organization this summer and we are taking advantage of all that Cisco has to offer. Every person I have met here comes with an impressive list of achievements and experiences and is more than willing to share his/her knowledge. It’s been really fun to experience working in a large, exciting company like Cisco.

Ready through Rady: Professor Roemer’s Quantitative Analysis class has been invaluable to my internship. (I was even quizzed on regression analyses in my interview.) The primary function of the team I am a part of is data analysis and our quant class prepared me so I am confident in my work and understanding of the work of others.