Rady Summer Interns: What are you doing this summer?

We asked Rady School students to give us an update on what they are doing at their summer internships.

Rady Student: German Vidal Gonzalez

Company: Anklesaria Group

Job Title: Intern

What I'm doing this summer: I am interning in Anklesaria Group, which is a company focused in supply chain consulting that provides cost management solutions to its clients. Here I perform supply market analysis that will help the company’s customers to establish their procurement strategy in terms of which supplier and procurement time frame best suit their goals.

Ready through Rady: I have been impressed by how such the specialized industry of supply chain consulting requires knowledge from many different courses taken at Rady. Almost every day I see how markets are driven by supply and demand curves (learned in Economics) and I use financial ratio analysis to assess the financial health of suppliers (learned in Accounting.) I also apply the Five Porter’s Forces analysis (learned in Strategy) to understand the relationship among the different players in the supply chain. Finally, the founder of the company, Jimmy Anklesaria, is a professor at Rady. This provides a close connection between my academic and professional lives.