Faculty Experts

Name Title Areas of Expertise Industries Contact
On Amir Associate Professor of Marketing marketing management, consumer behavior, pricing, judgment and decision making, behavioral economics high-tech, biotech, defense 858-534-2023 -
Terrence W. August Assistant Professor of Innovation, Technology & Operations economics of software, organization of software firms, production and operations management, network policy and pricing information technology, consumer products, software 858-822-7452 -
Sanjiv Erat Assistant Professor of Innovation, Technology & Operations product co-development, technology licensing, new product development, technology management technology, services 858-822-0314 -
Ayelet Gneezy Assistant Professor of Marketing consumer decision making Industries: consumer goods, non profit, services strategy, business ethics 858-534-4131 -
Uri Gneezy Arthur Brody Endowed Chair, Economics & Strategy behavioral economics, strategy, negotiation strategy, business ethics 858-534-4312 -
Karsten Theil Hansen Associate Professor of Marketing marketing strategy, consumer choice, pricing, econometrics retail, high tech, e-commerce, direct mail 858-822-0314 -
Vish Krishnan Sheryl and Harvey White Endowed Chair, Innovation, Technology & Operations Area innovation, new product development, operations management, science & technology commercialization life sciences, technology, automotive, services 858-822-1991 -
Wendy Liu

Assistant Professor

judgment and decision making, social cognition, social relationships and economics, transactions, emotions, happiness

consumer goods and services branding, pro-social and cause marketing 858-822-7471 -
Harry M. Markowitz Professor of Finance portfolio theory, optimization modern portfolio theory (including software and databases for MPT) 858-534-0895 -
Craig R. M. McKenzie Professor of Management decision making, rationality, creativity   858-534-3739 -
Vincent R. Nijs

Assistant Professor

marketing strategy, business marketing, marketing models and research methods in marketing

retail, e-commerce, direct marketing

858-822-7459 -
Thomas A. Roemer Assistant Professor of Innovation, Technology & Operations product development process and project management scheduling automotive, aerospace, high-tech 858-822-3837-
David A. Schkade Jerome Katzin Endowed Chair, Management & Strategy Area psychology of judgment and decision making, measuring subjective experience, improving decision making public policy, environment, law 858-822-5933 -
Pamela K. Smith Assistant Professor of Management and Strategy interpersonal processes, motivation and goal setting, persuasion and social influence, prejudice and stereotyping, social cognition   858-822-7472 -
Robert S. Sullivan Dean and Stanley and Pauline Foster Endowed Chair entrepreneurship, knowledge management, operations, venture financing   858-822-0830 -
Allan Timmermann Atkinson/Epstein Endowed Chair, Management and Economics asset pricing, portfolio management and evaluation, time-series econometrics, forecasting financial markets, economic forecasting, portfolio management 858-534-0894 -
Rossen Valkanov Associate Professor of Finance empirical asset pricing, financial econometrics, portfolio choice, monetary policy, real estate finance, asset allocation, monetary policy, real estate 858-534-0898 -
Kevin Zhu Associate Professor of Innovation, Technology & Operations innovation diffusion in global environments, information transparency, electronic markets, supply chains, standards, game theory in information/operations management information technology, telecommunications, software, services 858-822-7476 -