Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Name Title Email Classes
John C. Anderson Lecturer jcanderson@ucsd.edu MGT135: Federal Taxation for Companies
Katherine Baca-Motes Lecturer kbacamotes@ucsd.edu MGT162: Negotiations
Natasha Balac Lecturer nbalac@ucsd.edu MGTA495: Topics in Business Analytics - Big Data Technology & Business Applications
Jelena Bradic Assistant Professor, Mathematics jbradic@ucsd.edu MGTF413: Computational Finance Methods
Harold Buchanan Lecturer hbuchanan@ucsd.edu MGT181: Enterprise Finance / MGT495: Topics in Finance - Energy Finance
Robert Campbell Lecturer rhcampbell@ucsd.edu MGT16: Personal Ethics at Work / MGT105: Product Promotion & Brand Management
Martha Doran Visiting Faculty mdoran@ucsd.edu MGT146: Ethics in Accounting
Ricardo dos Santos Lecturer jrdossantos@ucsd.edu MGT414A: Lab to Market Workshop I
L. Jean Dunn Lecturer L1dunn@ucsd.edu MGT187: New Venture Finance
Craig Eberhard Lecturer caeberhard@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing and Management
Kristine Ehrich Lecturer kehrich@ucs.edu MGT103: Product Marketing & Management
Michael Finney Visiting Faculty   MGT409: Organizational Strategy
Del Foit Lecturer dfoit@ucsd.edu MGT414A: Lab to Market Workshop I
Robert Fuller Lecturer rlfuller@ucsd.edu MGT112: Global Business Strategy
Christopher Gopal Lecturer cgopal@ucsd.edu MGT174: Supply Chain & Operations Management / MGT449: Topics in Operations & Technology - Strategic Sourcing
Kathleen Hedges Lecturer kloftman@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management
Holst, Michael Professor, Mathematics mholst@ucsd.edu MGTF413: Computational Finance Methods
Robert Houskeeper Lecturer rhouskeeper@ucsd.edu MGT5: Managerial Accounting / MGT131B: Intermediate Accounting B
Gary Katzenstein Lecturer gkatzenstein@ucsd.edu MGT439: Topics in Organizational Behavior - Getting Things Done at Home and Abroad
Nancy Kim Visiting Faculty nskim@ucsd.edu MGT117: Business Law
Kim Davis King Lecturer kking@ucsd.edu StartR & mystartupXX Workshops / MGT414A: Lab to Market Workshop I
Wade Lindenberger Lecturer wlindenberger@ucsd.edu MGT136: Advanced Accounting / MGT16: Personal Ethics / MGT5: Managerial Accounting
Mary McKay Lecturer mamckay@ucsd.edu MGT18: Managing Diverse Teams / MGT164: Business and Organizational Leadership
Michael McKay Lecturer mmckay@ucsd.edu MGT18: Managing Diverse Teams
Alison Meyer Lecturer abmeyer@ucsd.edu MGT439: Topics in Organizational Behavior: Coaching Lab for Leaders / MGT129: Topics in Entrepreneurship - Women in Business
Michael Meyer Lecturer mwmeyer@ucsd.edu MGT412: Lab to Market
Cathy Moran Lecturer cmoran@ucsd.edu MGT 166: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Neeru Paharia Visiting Faculty MGT407: Marketing
Sat Parashar Lecturer spparashar@ucsd.edu MGT495: Topics in Finance - Money & Banking / MGT184: Money & Banking
Joseph Pecore Lecturer jpecore@ucsd.edu MGT12: Personal Financial Management / MGT45: Principles of Accounting
Johan Perols Visiting Faculty jperols@ucsd.ed MGT153: Business Analytics
Michael Pollock Lecturer m1pollock@ucsd.edu MGT459: Topics in Innovation - Economics of New Health Technologies
Elise Prosser Lecturer ekprosser@ucsd.edu MGT103: Product Marketing & Management
Lada Rasochova Director lrasochova@ucsd.edu MGT496A: Venture Capital Management I / MGT496B: Venture Capital Management II
Rebecca Royal Lecturer rroyal@ucsd.edu MGT172: Business Project Management
Lamar Rutherford Lecturer lrutherford@ucsd.edu MGT121A: Innovation to Market A
Todd Salovey Lecturer tsalovey@ucsd.edu MGT402: Management Communications
Darius Sankey Lecturer nsankey@ucsd.edu MGT459: Topics in Innovation - IP Strategy
Robert Schmidt Lecturer rpschmidt MGTF417: Professional Communications in Finance
Tyagarajan Somasundaram Lecturer tsomasundaram@ucsd.edu MGT112: Global Business Strategy
Evan Weingarten Postdoctoral Scholar eweingarten@ucsd.edu MGT 489: Topics in Marketing: Social Media Marketing
Ruth Williams Professor, Mathematics rjwilliams@ucsd.edu MGTF413: Computational Finance Methods
Carsten Zimmermann Visiting Faculty c2zimmermann@ucsd.edu MGT164: Business and Organizational Leadership / MGT172: Business Project Management