MBA Core Curriculum

The core courses are the foundation of your education. We have chosen a more extensive core curriculum than you will find in many programs. A rigorous, comprehensive foundation prepares you for the business decisions and challenges you will face. In the Rady core, you will see an emphasis on innovation-driven organizations evident in topics, examples, cases and in-class projects and discussions.

The core curriculum prepares you to make the business decisions that innovation requires; to gather and analyze the best information possible, to know when you have reduced risk as much as you reasonably can - and then to make decisions, take risks, catalyze teams and make things happen.

MGT 401 Professional Seminar
MGT 403 Quantitative Analysis
MGT 404 Accounting
MGT 405 Managerial Economics
MGT 406 Leadership Skills, Values, and Teamwork in Technology Firms
MGT 407 Marketing
MGT 408 Finance
MGT 409 Organizational Strategy and Human Resource Management
MGT 410 Strategy
MGT 412 Lab to Market: Opportunity and Business Model Analysis
MGT 413 Operations, Information Systems, and Data Analysis
MGT 414A Lab to Market Workshop I
MGT 414B Lab to Market Workshop II