MBA Electives

The choice is yours.

More than half of the Rady MBA program is comprised of electives. Academic and career advisers are available to help guide your decisions.

Fine-tune the program to meet your goals

The elective curriculum provides depth, strengthening your knowledge in areas critical to your personal and professional growth. Electives are focused on the knowledge and skills critical for those working in innovation-driven environments. These courses also offer expertise in high technology, wireless and life science industries, where innovation is a driving force.

Many Rady MBAs undertake independent study, working in small teams or individually under the guidance of a faculty member. Some projects are proposed by companies or nonprofits — big and small, in San Diego and beyond — others are defined by students. Independent study projects allow you to explore your intellectual interests and hone business skills relevant to your career goals.

As a Rady student, you may also use some of your elective units to take other graduate courses at UC San Diego. This allows you to take classes from top-ranked programs by professors who lead their field of study.

MGT 217 Drug Discovery, Development, and Commercialization
MGT 230 Strategic Cost Management
MGT 239 Topics in Accounting
MGT 416 Readings in Management
MGT 417 Current Business Law Issues
MGT 419 Global Business Intensive
MGT 420 Negotiation
MGT 421 CEO, the Board of Directors and Corporate Governance
MGT 422 Creativity and Innovation
MGT 425 Opportunity and Business Model Analysis
MGT 427 Decision Analysis
MGT 429 Topics in Corporate Governance
MGT 430 Biotechnology Industry, Structure, and Strategy
MGT 439 Topics in Organizational Behavior
MGT 442 Topics in Decision Sciences
MGT 443 Topics in International Business
MGT 444 Topics in Business Strategy
MGT 445 Regulation and Innovation
MGT 449 Topics in Operations and Technology
MGT 450 Project Management
MGT 451 Technology Innovation and Strategy
MGT 452 New Product Development
MGT 453 Supply Chain Management
MGT 459 Topics in Innovation
MGT 463 Projects in Technology Commercialization
MGT 464 Projects in Business Innovation
MGT 475 Research for Marketing Decisions
MGT 476 Marketing Strategy
MGT 477 Consumer Behavior
MGT 478 Marketing Communications
MGT 479 Pricing
MGT 489 Topics in Marketing
MGT 491 Investments
MGT 492 Financial Risk Management
MGT 495 Topics in Finance
MGT 496A Venture Capital Management I
MGT 496B Venture Capital Management II
MGT 497 Advanced Management Research Practicum
MGT 499 Individual Directed Study
MGTF 409 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring
MGTF 410 New Venture Finance
MGTF 432 Portfolio Theory in Practice