Business Minor

An engaging and interactive curriculum in finance, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior principles in real-world contexts.

The Business Minor at the Rady School of Management is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of business theory, practices, and applications. Because of the wide range of academic interests and majors among the UC San Diego undergraduate population, each course covers the application of business principles to a broad variety of fields.

The Rady School Business Minor is designed for students who envision careers that require an understanding of the basic principles and practices of business. Rady School business courses are application-oriented, exploring theoretical approaches and emphasizing the implementation of those theories across a wide range of real-world contexts. Courses are designed to promote continuity from one course to another to help demonstrate the interconnectivity of business fundamentals.

Declaring the minor

The business minor is open to registered UCSD students pursuing a bachelor's degree. There is no separate admissions process. While you may declare a minor throughout your first few years, we strongly reccommend you do it at your earliest convenience. Rady sends important information regarding class offerings and policy changes to our minors through our minor list.

You may declare a minor through Tritonlink. For a step-by-step video tutorial on how to declare please visit our main FAQ page.

Students majoring in International Studies - International Business cannot earn a minor in business. You may not pursue both an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor and Business. 

Minor Requirements

Business Minor Coursemap

Required coursework focuses on business operation fundamentals, project management, business ethics, and entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Many of Business Minor courses are also team focused, encouraging the development of skills in team interaction, consensus building, conflict resolution, group presentations and organizational leadership. Additionally, Rady School courses provide learning opportunities for undergraduate students that are unique to the UC San Diego campus. Students who complete the minor will bring a much-valued perspective to their initial employment.

Find a forecasted course calendar on the undergraduate homepage.

Core (12 units)

All courses are required.
All core classes require upper division standing

Elective Courses (8 units required)

Because business principles are applicable to a broad range of fields, we accept business-related electives completed either at the Rady School or from other departments. Please consult with the appropriate department for enrollment and prerequisite inquiries.

1 You must have fulfilled the ethics requirement prior to using either MGT 16
or MGT 166 as an elective
2 You must complete 2-2 unit courses to complete one elective requirement
3 Must request department approval. See below for instructions.


To earn an business minor, you must :

Take all business minor classes for a   letter grade.
(the math prerequisite may be taken for P/NP for minor purposes)
 At least 20 units must be upper division units (courses numbered 100+)
At least 5 classes for the minor must be taken at UCSD.
Earn at least a C- in each course used for the minor
Finish the minor with an overall minor GPA of 2.0

Before declaring a minor, please contact your college advisor in order to ensure that you will not exceed the maximum unit limitation by pursuing a minor.

Minor Concentrations

While not required, students may take two electives in the same functional area and thus have a "mini-concentration" in that subject. These mini-concentrations are:

  • Finance: MGT 12, MGT 183, MGT 184, MGT 185, MATH 193A, MATH 193B, MATH 194
  • Marketing: MGT 105, MGT 106, COMM 109D, COMM 106I
  • Organizational Behavior: MGT 18, MGT 162, MGT 164, COMM 106F, COMM 110G, SOCI 121, SOCI 132, SOCI 140F, SOCI 148E, PSYC 178
  • Operations: MGT 172, MGT 174, COMM 162, ENG 100B

Frequently Asked Questions - Business 

If I study abroad, can I apply the courses I complete toward my minor?

Students may take classes abroad and apply them toward their minor, so long as they are deemed equivalent to Rady classes. Before studying abroad, submit your Academic Planning form to Rady's advising department along with course descriptions or syllabi from the courses you would like to apply toward your minor. Allow approximately one to two weeks for review and approval.

Upon return, and once your coursework appears on your Academic History on Tritonlink, you will need to submit an Undergraduate Student Petition ( and course syllabus for each class you want to apply toward your minor for approval. Additional documentation such as papers or exams may be requested.

Note that Rady accepts a maximum of two transfer courses to be applied toward a minor (this includes lower division courses transferred from a community college).

Can my Academic Internship Program class count toward my minor?

Yes, with department approval, a business-related Academic Internship (AIP197) course can count as 1 business minor elective. For department approval, submit your AIP Learning Agreement Form to the advising office or to for approval after your faculty advisor has signed it. A maximum of 1 AIP197 class can be applied toward the business minor.

No accounting minor or entrepreneurship & innovation minor credit is given for Academic Internship courses.

Find more information about the AIP program here: and you can read more about AIP197 classes for business minor credit here

Can business minors take MGT187: Venture Capital Finance?

Students pursuing the business minor cannot use MGT187: Venture Capital Finance as a business minor elective. Also, MGT187 cannot replace MGT181: Enterprise Finance in the business minor.


Max of two upper division classes can overlap between your major and minor, where applicable.

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Current UCSD students: Please submit your questions via the VAC and an advisor will respond in 1-3 business days.

Non-UCSD students: Email us at