Letter from the Editors

by Berna Kamyar and Joseph Dodson

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading the Rady Business Journal. We have an excellent issue for you this year, with many fascinating stories and insights. But what will be the theme for this year's edition? Cloud computing? Wireless health? Lean start-ups? Actually, we saw not one, but two patterns emerge in the development of this issue.

Rady Is What You Want It to Be

The interesting thing about publishing a business school magazine is that no one wants to write articles for a living after graduation. We found that the value proposition to the authors has to be personal, and the stories they write have to reflect their intrinsic interests. And so, like the school itself, the Rady Business Journal is a reflection of the diverse interests and talents of its students. You'll read explorations of bio-diesel, interviews with inspirational entrepreneurs and advice about DIY summer internships. We didn't tell people what to write, they wrote what they wanted to; and as a result, the articles are spontaneous and genuine.

Next Year's Edition

Our chief focus for this year's Rady Business Journal was next year's Rady Business Journal. Because both the journal and the school are so new, the chief challenge facing everyone from staff to club leaders to this editorial board is one of continuity and structure. We have addressed this, adding incredibly smart and ambitious members of the class of 2013 to our staff to focus on the growth and improvement of the publication.

We hope you enjoy this latest iteration of the Rady Business Journal.

Thank you,

The Editorial Staff of the RBJ

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Summer 2012

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Editorial & Production Staff

Joseph Dodson ('12) , Co-Editor-in-Chief

Berna Kamyar ('12), Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mike Taylor ('13), Editor

William Seith ('13), Associate Editor

Drew Beal ('13), Associate Editor

Patrick Kelly('13), Business Manager

Barbra Blake, Editorial Director

Melinda Battenberg, Managing Editor

Maria G. Tasigiannis, Creative Director

Faculty Review Board

Robert S. Sullivan, Founding Dean,
Stanley and Pauline Foster Endowed Chair

Terrence W. August, Assistant Professor

Vish Krishnan, Professor,
Sheryl and Harvey White Endowed Chair

Rossen Valkanov, Professor of Finance