Letter From the Editors

Dear Readers,

Over the past decade, the Rady School of Management has transformed not only the landscape on the north end of UC San Diego, but also the lives of its stakeholders - from the students to the faculty to the San Diego business community that demanded the school's existence.

The Rady Business Journal has grown alongside the school, achieving a major milestone in the publication of this issue. This is the first academic year during which two issues have been published. We would like to thank the writers for their dedication. Faced with tighter deadlines, they responded with well-researched, insightful articles that are relevant to the San Diego business community. We would also like to thank the administration and Dean Sullivan for giving us the freedom to operate as well as the necessary resources to accomplish our goals.

Our mission at the Rady Business Journal is to leverage academic research to provide valuable insights to the local business community. This issue features articles that relate classroom theory to real-world examples involving companies that drive San Diego's business community. Our writers have gone well below the surface to provide deep insight into issues that directly impact San Diego - including Qualcomm's marketing campaign for its Snapdragon processor and Cymer's recent merger with its largest customer, ASML. These articles are designed to serve as case studies within the community for the educational benefit of all.

While we are excited about our progress thus far, we look forward to continuing our growth in circulation, frequency, and influence. We are already hard at work developing our next issue, which will feature articles focused on the cybersecurity cluster in San Diego.

Thank you,
The Rady Business Journal Staff

Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Editorial & Production Staff

Michael Taylor (’13), Editor-in-Chief

Elizabeth Han (’13), Managing Editor

Conor Jarvis (’14), Staff Editor

Patrick Kelly (’13), Publisher

Brian Wittmayer (’15), Business Development

Faculty Review Board

Robert S. Sullivan, Founding Dean,
Stanley and Pauline Foster Endowed Chair

Christopher Oveis,
Assistant Professor of Management and Strategy