Letters From the Editors

Dear Readers,

This winter issue of the Rady Business Journal marks the first step in what we expect will be a long and sustained improvement campaign - a campaign that relies on a number of changes.

The most obvious change is expressed by this issue's very existence. For the first time in its young life, the Rady Business Journal is publishing two issues during the same academic year. The next issue, slated for June, will contain more words, more articles, and more pages - a result that will more than double last year's production.

Over the past nine months, we have sought to focus the journal's voice. We created new expectations for our contributors. Most important, we aimed to impact the San Diego business community with the same force that the Rady School has brought since the school's founding 10 years ago.

To that end, we have codified an editorial focus on research and analysis. The journal will address trends and discoveries that stand to influence managerial decisions. We have also solicited op-ed pieces from leaders whose real-world experience can supplement our academic focus.

The theme of this issue, ethics, aligns with our desire to position the journal as a key resource to local business leaders. Thanks to evolving consumer preferences and changes in global regulatory structures, ethics is and will continue to be a key driver of success or failure for businesses of all descriptions. Our reports address the theme as it pertains to activities as varied as the short-selling of stocks to the operation of private prisons and the economic valuation of human tissue samples.

We view this issue as a single event in the publication's long-term evolution. Our belief in the journal's potential drives us to look ahead to yet further improvements. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy what we have done so far.

Thank you,
The Rady Business Journal Staff

Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Editorial & Production Staff

Michael Taylor (’13), Editor-in-Chief

Elizabeth Han (’13), Managing Editor

Patrick Kelly (’13), Publisher

Brian Wittmayer (’15), Development

Maria G. Tasigiannis, Creative Director

Melinda Battenberg, Reviewing Editor

Faculty Review Board

Robert S. Sullivan, Founding Dean,
Stanley and Pauline Foster Endowed Chair

Christopher Parsons,
Assistant Professor of Finance

Joseph Engelberg,
Assistant Professor of Finance

Christopher Oveis,
Assistant Professor of Management and Strategy