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The Rady School of Management offers a series of undergraduate business and accounting courses, as well as an accounting minor and a business minor. These courses are designed for undergraduate students who desire to enhance their accounting, business and management skills. Course materials and lectures cover a broad set of applications and are appropriate for students from a wide range of academic disciplines.

Walk-in Advising Hours

Have questions about Rady courses or need help planning out your minor course sequence? Visit our advisor during walk-in advising hours:

Otterson Hall, 2nd floor, Undergraduate Programs Wing
Coming from Ridgewalk, enter the wing on the right side of the courtyard
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

or by appointment (email us and propose a time)

Questions?  Please contact undergrad@rady.ucsd.edu.

Forecasted Course Offerings for 2014-2015

For up-to-date scheduling information, visit the Schedule of Classes on Tritonlink.

Course Number Course Title FA 14 WI 15 SP 15 SU 15
MGT3 Quantitative Methods in Business Yes
MGT12 Personal Financial Management Yes Yes Yes
MGT16 Personal Ethics at Work Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT18 Managing Diverse Teams Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT45 Principles of Accounting Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT103 Product Marketing and Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT105 Product Promotion and Brand Management Yes Yes
MGT106 Sales and Sales Management   Yes
MGT112 Global Business Strategy Yes Yes Yes
MGT121A Innovation to Market A Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT121B Innovation to Market B Yes
MGT128 Innovation in Service Enterprises Yes
MGT162 Negotiation Yes Yes
MGT164 Organizational Leadership Yes Yes Yes
MGT166 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Yes Yes Yes
MGT172 Business Project Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT173 Project Management - Health Services Yes
MGT174 Supply Chain/Operations Yes  
MGT181 Enterprise Finance Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT183 Financial Investments Yes
MGT184 Money and Banking Yes
MGT185 Investment Banking Yes Yes
*Core business minor classes are offered every quarter, with the exception of MGT112, which is never offered in the Fall. Summer schedule varies.
MGT4/ECON4 Financial Accounting Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT5 Managerial Accounting Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT131A Intermediate Accounting A Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT131B Intermediate Accounting B   Yes Yes Yes
MGT132 Auditing Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGT133 Advanced Cost Accounting Yes Yes
MGT134 Federal Taxation- Individuals Yes Yes
MGT135 Federal Taxation- Companies Yes Yes Yes  
MGT136 Advanced Accounting Yes Yes Yes
*Required accounting minor classes are offered every quarter, with the exceptions of MGT131B and MGT136, which are never offered in the Fall. Summer schedule varies.