Business Minor Electives Taught by Other UC San Diego Departments

Forecasted Course Offerings for 2012 - 13

Because of business' broad application to many fields, we will accept elective courses completed at Rady and at other departments. The course schedule below shows a forecasted course offering schedule based on patterns from previous years. It is for student reference, but should not be used as a formal guide when creating course plans. For updated information on elective offerings, please contact the department that offers the course.

Course Number Course Title Fall Winter Spring Summer
BISP 194 Introduction to Biotech (with departmental approval, when topics apply) Y Y y N
COHI 125 Communication in Organizations N N N N
COCU 170 Advertising and Society N N Y N
COSF 127 Internet Industry N N N N
COSF 128 Cultural Industries N N N Y
COSF 186 The Film Industry N Y N Y
ENG 100A Principles of Team Engineering Y Y Y N
ENG 100B Engineering Leadership Y N Y N
ENG 201 Venture Mechanics Y N Y N
ENG 202 Enterprise Dynamics N Y N N
ENG 203 Applied Innovation N N Y N
MATH 193A Actuarial Mathematics N N N N
MATH 194 Mathematics of Finance N Y N N
PSYC 178 Industrial Organizational Psychology Y N N N
SOCI 121 Economy and Society N Y N N
SOCI 132 Gender and Work N N Y N
SOCI 140FL Law and the Workplace N N N N
SOCI 148E Inequality and Jobs N N N N