MGT 149: Topics in Accounting (4 units)

NOTE: MGT149 is a rotating topics course. Prerequisite = MGT131B. MGT149 can be taken twice (up to 8 units) when different topics are selected.

Introduces advanced topics of special interest in accounting. Examples of course topics include (but are not limited to): corporate valuation and forecasting, global taxation and business strategy, current issues in the practice and regulation of auditing. May be taken for credit two times for a maximum of eight credits if the topics are substantially different.

Course Descriptions and Quarters Offered:

MGT149: Topics in Accounting: Accounting and Current Events: Business, Government, and Regulation

This MGT149 topic will be offered in Spring 2017.

This course uses the fundamental principles of accounting, including US GAAP and IFRS, to explore current events—news and controversies.  This course will cement students’ comprehension of accounting basics, accounting procedures, and their application in practice.   Students will appreciate the implications of accounting policies and procedures as they apply to business transactions and how regulators, politicians, the press, and the courts view those transactions.