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Rady Undergraduate Minors

How do I declare the Accounting, Business, or Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor?

You can watch an instructional video about declaring here:

The Accounting, Business, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation minors are open to all UC San Diego students from any major or college. Please consult with your college academic advisor before declaring a minor in order to ensure that you will not exceed the maximum unit limitation by pursuing a minor.

You can declare the Accounting, Business, or Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor using the Major/Minor tool on Tritonlink. The minors are listed as “M070- Accounting,” “M074- Business,” and "M077 - Entrepreneurship & Innovation." There is no application process and you can declare at any time. You do not need to declare before you start taking the classes. When asked for the subject code, use “MGT.” For the institution, use UC San Diego (or the name of the community college if you took a course there). For course code, list the course number (for example 5, 131A, 131B, etc.). For the business minor electives, you should list the electives you plan to take. List all of the classes you have taken toward the minor and all of the classes you still plan to take for the minor. However, you may change your electives later on and do not need department approval to do so. 

Sample Business Minor Declaration Form
Sample Accounting Minor Declaration Form
Sample Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor Declaration Form

A maximum of two lower division classes can be applied toward the minor.  Students must take all required classes for a letter grade, earn a C- or better, and earn an overall minor GPA of 2.0 or better to satisfy the minor requirements.

Note: Students pursuing the International Studies - International Business major cannot declare a Business Minor or the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor. Too many classes in those minors overlap with the major. However, students can declare the Accounting Minor while pursuing the International Studies - International Business major.

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Which is better, an accounting minor, business minor, or an entrepreneurship & innovation minor?

One minor is not better than the other – how you intend to use your degree is a more important consideration. Use the Career Services Center as a resource when considering your career path.

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Can I take classes for my minor Pass/No Pass?

No. All courses taken for the Rady undergraduate minors must be taken for a letter grade. Students must earn at least a C- in each course used for the minor.

For the Business Minor, you may take MGT3/MATH10A/MATH20A Pass/No Pass to fulfill the math prerequisite for MGT181 Enterprise Finance. However, you should first ensure that you do not need to take this course for a letter grade for a major or general education requirement.

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How many lower division classes can I take toward my minor?

A maximum of two lower division classes can be applied toward the minor. For the business minor, MGT4/ECON4 and MGT5 can count together as one lower division class in lieu of MGT45: Principles of Accounting. You can watch a video about the lower division rule below.

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Does a D count as a passing grade for my minor?

Passing is considered a C- (C minus) or better. Grades of D or F are not accepted for the minor. However, a “D” grade will allow you to count that course as a prequisite. For example, if you receive a “D” in MGT131A Intermediate Accounting A, you can continue on to take MGT131B Intermediate Accounting B. However, you will need to retake and pass MGT131A with a C- or better before you graduate in order to complete the minor.

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Can I apply MGT45 toward my accounting minor?

No. MGT45 Principles of Accounting cannot be considered an adequate substitute for ECON4/MGT4 and MGT5 and cannot be applied toward the accounting minor. MGT45 is suitable for business minors only.

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What accounting class should I take first?

It is highly recommended that students begin the accounting minor sequence with MGT4/ECON4: Financial Accounting and then take MGT5: Managerial Accounting.

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Can I overlap classes to fulfill both my major or general education and minor requirements?

Lower-division classes can apply to both your major and your minor. Starting in Fall 2016, a maximum of two upper-division courses (up to 8 units) can apply to both your major and your minor. If you have taken classes applicable to both your major and minor and overlapping credit is not showing on your degree audit, then please contact our department advisors via the VAC

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Will courses taken at community college count toward the minors?

We will award lower division course work from community colleges. For information about equivalent courses from California community colleges, please visit This website shows which courses at your California community college are equivalent to specific courses here at UC San Diego. Please note that you should search for Rady undergrad classes within the “Select By Major” search bar. You can find our classes under “Accounting: Rady School of Management” or “Business: Rady School of Management.”

Note: Community college classes from outside of California can be petitioned for credit. Use this petition form and deliver it to the Rady Undergrad Advising office with the syllabus attached. ECON4/MGT4: Financial Accounting is a class which must be petitioned to the Economics Department. Our department (Rady) does not accept online courses for Rady minor credit. For our department, all community college courses are lower division. 

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If I study abroad, can I apply the courses I complete toward my minor?

Students may take classes abroad and apply them toward their minor, so long as they are deemed equivalent to Rady classes. Before studying abroad, submit your Academic Planning form to Rady's advising department along with course descriptions or syllabi from the courses you would like to apply toward your minor. Allow approximately one to two weeks for review and approval.

Upon return, and once your coursework appears on your Academic History on Tritonlink, you will need to submit an Undergraduate Student Petition ( and course syllabus for each class you want to apply toward your minor for approval. Additional documentation such as papers or exams may be requested.

Note that Rady accepts a maximum of two transfer courses to be applied toward a minor (this includes lower division courses transferred from a community college).

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Can my Academic Internship Program class count toward my minor?

Yes, with department approval, a business-related Academic Internship (AIP197) course can count as 1 business minor elective. For department approval, submit your AIP Learning Agreement Form to the advising office or to for approval after your faculty advisor has signed it. A maximum of 1 AIP197 class can be applied toward the business minor.

No accounting minor or entrepreneurship & innovation minor credit is given for Academic Internship courses.

Find more information about the AIP program here: and you can read more about AIP197 classes for business minor credit here.

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Can I do more than one minor at Rady?

Yes, students may double minor in Accounting and Business. Econ/MGT 4: Financial Accounting and MGT 5: Managerial Accounting may be applied toward both minors. However, upper-division courses may not overlap. Please consult with your college academic advisor before declaring either minor in order to ensure that you will not exceed the maximum unit limitation by pursuing two minors.

Also, students may double minor in Accounting and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

However, students cannot double minor in Business and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Too many classes overlap in these minors.

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Can I major in International Studies - International Business and get a minor at Rady?

Students majoring in International Studies - International Business cannot minor in business or entrepreneurship & innovation. However, IS-IB majors can earn a minor in accounting.

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Can business minors take MGT187: Venture Capital Finance?

Students pursuing the business minor cannot use MGT187: Venture Capital Finance as a business minor elective. Also, MGT187 cannot replace MGT181: Enterprise Finance in the business minor.

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Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Where can I get more information about the CPA exam and the requirements?

The California CPA licensure requirements changed on January 1st, 2014. All current students planning to pursue their CPA license will need to meet the new requirements. Review the CPA Exam Applicant Handbook and the CPA Licensing Applicant Handbook published by the California Board of Accountancy for information for first–time applicants. 

CPA Educational Requirements

  • Education required to take CPA exam:
    • 36 Quarter Units – Accounting Subjects
    • 36 Quarter Units – Business-related Subjects
    • Bachelor's Degree
  • Education required to attain CPA license:
    • 30 Quarter Units – Accounting Study
    • 15 Quarter Units – Ethics Study
    • Overall total of 225 quarter units of education
  • 1 Year Work Experience
  • Pass CPA Exam

Find specific information about subjects required under the education requirements on the CPA Board's Tip Sheet. While reviewing the tip sheet, note that semester and quarter units are weighed differently(semester units x 1.5 = quarter units). More information about meeting the CPA educational requirements can be found on the "CPA Guide" page of Rady's Accounting Minor site. 

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What portions of the CPA Education requirements can I satisfy at UCSD?

Find specific information about subjects required under the education requirements on the CPA Board's Tip Sheet. While reviewing the tip sheet, note that semester and quarter units are weighed differently(semester units x 1.5 = quarter units).

24 semester/ 36 quarter units of Accounting - The accounting minor + the two optional accounting electives will satisfy this portion of the requirements.

24 semester/ 36 quarter units of Business - Business classes offered at Rady and many classes offered by Economics, Communication, Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics and other departments at UC San Diego will satisfy this portion of the requirements.

20 semester/ 30 quarter additional units of Accounting – A portion of these requirements may be met by completing additional business subject courses, other courses relevant to business, academic internships or independent studies. However, a minimum of 6 semester/ 9 quarter units must be in accounting subjects. UCSD Rady offers enough optional accounting electives to meet the minimum of 9 additional quarter units in accounting study. Additional course work can be completed by obtaining a Masters Degree in Accounting, by taking additional courses at a community college or at a continuing education program such as UCSD Extension.

10 semester/ 15 quarter units of Ethics - Consider taking Rady's ethics courses to meet the minimum requirement of 15 quarter units: MGT16 Personal Ethics at Work, MGT164: Business and Organizational Leadership, MGT166 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, and MGT146: Ethics in Accounting (4 quarter units each). Additional courses may be offered by other departments at UCSD, or at a community college or at a continuing education program such as UCSD Extension.

150 semester /225 quarter overall units of education - UCSD has a maximum unit limitation of 200 for most students. Speak with your college advisor to determine what your unit limit is.

There is no course overlap permitted between sections.

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Can you tell me which classes I’ve taken meet the CPA Education Requirements?

Unfortunately, the State Board does not publish a list which shows which college courses are approved to satisfy their requirements and will not discuss an applicant’s coursework unless they have a current application on file. Each applicant must use their best judgment to determine whether their courses meet the CPA board’s requirements before applying.

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Enrolling in Rady Courses

How do I sign up for Rady undergraduate courses?

Use WebReg on TritonLink to sign up. Our courses have the tag "MGT" in front of them.

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Who can take Rady’s undergraduate courses?

The Rady School is a department within UC San Diego. Though Rady’s graduate/MBA program has a separate admission process, our undergraduate courses are open to all UC San Diego undergrads. In order to enroll in undergraduate business classes offered at the Rady School, you would first need to be accepted by the University of California, San Diego. For more information about UC San Diego Admission, please visit

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I am on a waitlist for a class. What are my chances of enrolling?

The enrollment and waitlist system at UCSD is completely automated and we cannot predict your chances of getting a seat. We cannot allow more students to enroll than there are chairs in the classroom, so the enrollment capacity cannot be increased. The waitlists shut down Thursday of the 2nd full week of classes at 10PM. If you do not get a seat, Friday of the 2nd week of classes is your last day to enroll in another class that does not have a waitlist. Rady does not allow late adds after the 2nd week of class.

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I'm having problems registering for a Rady (MGT) class because of prerequisites, but I know I have completed them. What can I do?

There may be problems with the enrollment system recognizing your prerequisite courses and we may be able to help. UCSD students should contact our department advisors via the VAC and non-UCSD students should email and include your name, PID#, and the class(es) for which you are having problems registering. Instructors cannot help you enroll.

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Can I enroll in upper division MGT courses without 90 passed quarter units?

No. Students are required to have a minimum of 90 passed quarter units (usually occurs at the start of junior year) to enroll in upper division MGT courses. Upper division classes are numbered over 100 and are geared toward juniors and seniors. Lower division classes are numbered under 100 and are geared toward freshman and sophomores. 

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Do you allow EAP student enrollment?

We welcome EAP Students in Rady courses so long as they meet the prerequisites (if any). That said, WebReg may prevent EAP students from enrolling in our courses due to the upper division (junior/senior) standing requirement. Students who wish to enroll in Rady courses should contact our department advisors via the VAC (if you have VAC access) or email for preauthorization. Please be sure to include your PID number and section IDs for the courses you wish to take.

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How do I purchase a course reader?

  • 1. Visit
  • 2. Follow the directions provided for the purchasing process.
  • 3. Be sure to select University of California » San Diego » Rady School.

University Readers is the custom publisher for all Rady course readers.

Payment can be made by all major credit cards or electronic check. Orders are typically processed within 24 hours and often same-day. Shipping time will depend on the selected shipping method. If available for your course, you will also have access to a 30% PDF download so you can get started on your required readings right away. If you have any difficulties, please contact or call 800.200.3908.

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Does Rady accept late-add cards?

No. All UCSD students must register online via WebReg by Friday of Week 2 (the add deadline). 

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OSD Accommodations

What are the procedures if I am registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)?

You must present the OSD Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) form in person to the Undergraduate Advising Office within the first two weeks of the quarter. We will coordinate with your instructor or TA to schedule rooms for your exams. It is your responsibility to show up at the scheduled time with required exam materials. Be sure to review our webpage about Rady Undergrad OSD policies.

Contact Rady's OSD Liason at (OSD student requests do not need to be submitted via VAC).

Click here to reach UCSD's OSD website.

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Rady School of Management Programs

Is there a business major?

Starting in the fall of 2015, the International Studies Program, in coordination with the Rady School, will offer a International Studies - International Business major. Students interested in pursuing this major should contact the International Studies Program for more information. Details relating to the major requirements can be found on their website.

Students pursuing the International Studies - International Business major cannot earn a minor in business or a minor in entrepreneurship & innovation. Too many classes overlap between those minors and the major. However, students can minor in accounting while pursuing the International Studies - International Business major.

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Are Rady’s undergraduate courses a requirement for the MBA program?

Taking undergraduate courses at Rady is not required for admission to Rady’s MBA program. Undergraduate course work will not count toward graduate credit.

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Do I need to apply to Rady Undergraduate Programs?

No. The Rady School is a department within UC San Diego and does not have a separate admissions process.  Any admitted undergraduate student can take undergraduate classes at Rady.  We offer a minor in entrepreneurship, business, and accounting, but do not offer a major. Please see the general UCSD admissions website for information about admissions requirements. 

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Which specific majors / minors are required for MBA admission?

The Rady School and most other business schools accept students from a variety of academic backgrounds. The Rady School welcomes applications from undergraduates who have excelled academically and personally and who can articulate their reasons for continuing directly to the MBA program. Please review the MBA Admissions site regarding "Direct to Rady for Exceptional Undergrads" admission.  Undergraduate majors in science or engineering or technical disciplines are particularly relevant to the Rady School’s emphasis, but these are by no means the only majors we consider.

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