USIC Programs

Rodeece Dean, Rady MBA 2013

"...We also got to see a lot of the great historical sites. We got to go toYad Vashem. We got to go to the old city. We went to the Wailing Wall. We floated in the Dead Sea. We climbed Masada. I think it was a really good mix of academic, business and historical sites."

- Rodeece Dean (Rady MBA 2013)


The US-Israel Center for Innovation and Economic Sustainability is a knowledge and action factory. We generate insights that make the difference between innovation success and failure—and we put them into action.

The Innovation Lab: As creative hub, the Innovation Lab is a physical and conceptual space in which people from various disciplines come together around real-world problems to learn, inspire and grow.

Community Programming: Through panels, debates, arts and cultural events we engage citizens in timely, enlightening experiences around modern Israel, Israeli culture and history, philosophy and political thought.

Visiting Dignitaries: We host thought leaders from politics, academia, industry and the broader community to broaden the dialogue on U.S.-Israel collaboration.

Research and Teaching Grants: These grants support faculty at all San Diego campuses and in Israel in developing new classroom content and research collaborations.

Immersion Programs: These programs allow San Diego and Israeli graduate students and new alumni to immerse themselves in new innovation cultures. Participants gain access to the C- level in a variety of cutting-edge industries, learning firsthand what it takes to succeed in other markets. The connections they develop lead to unimagined new ventures.

Conferences: We convene the best minds in academia, industry and the community to share knowledge of innovation and economic sustainability.

The Visiting Scholar Program: This provides a unique opportunity for Israeli scientists to live and work in San Diego for up to one year, forming productive new collaborations between the countries and reaching literally hundreds of students through teaching and outreach.

Internship initiatives: These initiatives aim to connect MBA students with summer work opportunities in a host country. Internships are one of the primary generators of permanent employment opportunities post-graduation.