Dean's Welcome Message

A Welcome from Dean Ordóñez 

Dean Lisa Ordóñez

How does a business school know what it has accomplished? It is easy to see our activities: students in classes, faculty research and publishing, business leaders speaking, advising and recruiting. But impact isn't about how many bright people are sitting here - it's about what results from the learning, discoveries, the interactions and interConnections that are the Rady School. Degrees awarded, papers published, jobs taken are all important, but they are starting points not ends.

Here at Rady, we think of our impact in terms of discoveries brought to the marketplace, products launched, new service models established, companies started or reinvented. As I look forward, beyond the tremendous excitement and momentum the Rady community and our business partners feel as we create new models for management education, I am interested in a set of indicators that business schools just don't talk about.

What innovations came to the marketplace because our students were there, because our faculty were advisors? What's the market cap we can attribute to Rady students' engagement in new ventures? How has our thinking and teaching changed companies? What has happened in our business community that would not have happened without the Rady School?

We are a community focused intently on intellectual discovery and learning - and on action. We develop leaders for organizations that are driven by constant innovation and for industries that are transforming the world. Our students are both visionaries and guides, seeing the future and then taking others with them on the uncharted pathway to that future.