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Thank you for your participation in the Rady School Student Referral Program.

You are an integral part of the successful growth of the school by identifying the best and the brightest to cultivate our developing legacy of innovation and impact.

Refer a FlexWeekend MSBA Student

Please provide your referral’s information. We’ll take it from there! Upon completion of their application to the FlexWeekend MSBA program, you will receive a code for your complimentary half-day Executive Education class.

Visit for additional information on the FlexWeekend MSBA.

Completion of this form entitles your referral to the following:

  • Referral will receive a priority contact from the Director of Admissions

  • Application fee will be waived

  • Applicant will receive additional consideration in application process

  • Rady Admissions will notify you of the outcome

Once the admissions office receives your reference, the referred candidate will be contacted to arrange an advising session and if possible, a visit to campus. Individuals who refer candidates are welcome to reach out directly to the admissions office at any time to inquire about the progress of any referrals they have made.

Here are some key points to share with your referral:

Rady Rankings

Rady Innovation Ecosystem

Program Information