Unlocking Creative Genius

Unlock Creativity with Employee Ownership

Even in our difficult economic environment, some employee-owned companies are immensely successful, expanding their business and creating enormous value for their owners. Others flounder, with dismal results. Why the difference? ... continue

Parties that Cook

Client Profile: Parties that Cook

How does a small, non-tech startup offer attractive employment in Silicon Valley? This growing company shares ownership to reward its talented team. ... continue

Building Community

Work Group Proposes Projects to Drive Wealth Creation Through Shared Ownership

This year the Beyster Institute led an initiative that brought together a variety of organizations that advocate sharing ownership to create individual wealth. Learn about its plans for 2010. ... continue

Classroom Lecture

Spreading the Word:
Employee Ownership in Business Education

In promoting employee ownership, no constituency is more important than those who teach the next generations of business leaders and advisers. Find out how we're contributing to this effort. ... continue

Minneapolis skyline

Employee Ownership Annual Conference April 22-24 in Minneapolis

This event brings together the people and ideas that keep employee ownership working. Our annual conference keeps you at the forefront of the employee ownership field. ... learn more

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