Winter 2010
Financial Growth

More Than Merely Sustainable

The sustainability debate continues in the employee-ownership community. The fear that employee-owned companies will not be strong enough to survive without significant outside capital, which will end their employee ownership, is still very widespread... continue

Looking into the Future

What is the Future of Employee Ownership in the 21st Century?

The practice of arranging for employees to have an equity stake in the company where they work is as old as the organization of business enterprises in the U.S.... continue

Stock Certificate

Trends in Employee Ownership: Important Demographic Developments

As the baby boom approaches retirement, prospects for employee ownership are ramping up... continue

Fitting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Employee Ownership as Creative Capitalism

The term “creative capitalism” used regularly by Bill Gates describes a society in which companies strive for dual goals — profitability and social responsibility� continue

Positive Feedback

Building a System of Trust: Ten Hidden Secrets of Success in Employee-Owned Companies � Part 3 of 3

The great potential of employee ownership to improve business performance lies in its capacity to bring people together to work as a team toward shared success. This highly productive style of operating is actually held together by a hidden key element: trust� continue

Downtown Denver

2011 Annual Employee Ownership Conference

The Beyster Institute will host the 11th annual Employee Ownership Conference on April 13–15, 2011 in Denver at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel� continue

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