Fall 2011
Flexpak Team

Let's Deal with Sustainability
Once and for All

If I could demonstrate to you that there was a form of business that consistently earned high marks for employee loyalty, relative pay and retirement and other benefits, and that this same group of companies was statistically disproportionate on the list of the “Best Places to Work,” you’d probably be impressed...continue


Client Profile: n-Link Corporation

Learn how a high-technology and engineering services company in the Pacific Northwest has been helping their customers for more than 15 years. At n-Link Corporation, the philosophy of ownership thinking and servant leadership is that by serving their employee owners, they in turn serve their customers like an owner..continue

Sustaining Employee Ownership for the Long Term

Sustaining Employee Ownership for the Long Term: The Challenge of the Mature ESOP Company

The first ESOPs were established even before Congress enacted the formal authorizing law as part of ERISA in 1974. Today the count is approaching 12,000. While many of these ESOPs have been established in the past few years, others have been in existence for 10, 20, even 30 years. These veteran ESOP companies have much to teach us about what it takes to sustain ESOP ownership over the long term… continue

The Psychology of Employee Ownership

The Psychology of Employee Ownership

Employee ownership has many well-documented financial benefits for both owners and employees. Employee stock ownership plans provide owners with an attractive exit strategy and in some cases the deferral of all associated capital gains taxes. However, these financial benefits are only one aspect of the rewards offered by employee ownership. Equally as important, employee ownership offers favorable psychological effects…continue

What Qualities Are Employee-Owned Companies Looking For?

What Qualities Are Employee-Owned Companies Looking For?

The current economic conditions demand that each interview opportunity be maximized. There are many resources available with a myriad of consistent suggestions and advice. What is it that the employer is looking for? A recent survey by Express Employment Professionals, where they interviewed more than 15,000 people, showed that the top three factors that employers are looking for are… continue

Special Featured Events

Special Featured Events Happening This Fall at the Beyster Institute Rady School of Management

Business professionals new to employee ownership or those who are part of an established employee-owned company interested in finding viable ways to enhance the growth of their organization are invited to participate in the “Employee Ownership Management” course. The class will be offered by the Beyster Institute, Oct. 2-5, 2011, to be held at the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego campus… continue