Summer 2012
2012 Election Cycle

Selling Ownership to an ESOP: An Attractive Route to Cashing Out

There comes a point in the tenure of every company owner when he or she begins to think about how much longer they should keep going with the business. Is it time to sell - or not? Any business owner who evaluates their options without investigating the concept of an ESOP will be making a mistake...continue

Sunny Cai

Communication for an Employee-Owned Company

In April I attended the 12th annual Employee Ownership Conference. One of the prevailing themes throughout the week focused on communication. Good communication enables management to be more efficient and effective, especially when they want to introduce new and revolutionary management ideas into daily operation...continue

Michael Taylor

Improving State-Level Policy Advocacy for Employee Ownership

Beyond private-sector consulting services on behalf of client firms, the Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management sees additional nationwide potential for employee-ownership advocacy in the form of educational efforts designed to influence policy on the state level...continue

Know the Value of Your Business

Passion for Your Work

Kahlil Gibran said: "Work is love made visible." Do you feel that way? If not, I may have some ideas for you. We all want to do something that we enjoy and add value to others at the same time...continue

Employee Ownership Management Fall Seminar 2012

Employee Ownership Management Fall Seminar 2012

Are you new to employee ownership or are you an established employee-owned company looking to further enhance the growth of your organization? The Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management will offer business professionals a course in managing an employee-owned company from Oct. 8-10, 2012...continue