Winter 2012

Employee Ownership Companies on the Hunt – Acquisitions by ESOP Companies

There was a time - a couple of decades ago - when ESOP companies were assumed by many to be weak businesses, with uncertain futures.  This image was an outgrowth of press coverage afforded to a relatively modest number of employee-driven (and often union-led) buyout efforts launched during the 1980s, typically as an effort to preserve jobs in the face of a threatened plant closure...continue


An Educational Breakthrough for ESOP Management

Sunday evening, Feb. 10, 2013, will be the opening session of the first-ever Certificate Program for Non-Professional Fiduciaries at the Rady School of Management, UCSD.  The program is designed to train and certify mastery of the legal framework, skills and procedures necessary to successfully play that role...continue

California Center for Employee Ownership

Bringing Employee Ownership Awareness to the Golden State

The California Center for Employee Ownershipo (CCEO), a joint initiative by the Beyster Institute and the National Center for Employee Ownership, is now live on the web at  The CCEO’s objective is to advocate for and promote employee ownership within the state of California...continue


The Value of ESOPs in Engineering Firms

While all kinds of businesses become employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) companies, there is a large percentage of engineering firms that have chosen the ESOP structure.  Why so?  Like many privately held companies, engineering firms struggle with an optimal long-term succession plan...continue


ESOP Case Study - Sundt Construction Company

Originally founded in 1890, Sundt Construction Company was family run until 1972, when it began the transition to an employee-owned company by replacing an existing profit-sharing program with a stock bonus trust...continue

Exit Planning

The Importance of Financial Statements in the Exit-Planning Process

Whether you plan to sell your business to an ESOP or to a third party, demonstrating your company’s financial stability through sound financial statements is a crucial step in successfully exiting your business...continue