Spring 2013

Beyster Institute

The Beyster Institute Announces the Governance Curricula for Employee-Ownership Companies

We are proud to announce the launch of the complete picture for employee ownership governance education.  Each curriculum addresses the needs of one of the three key elements in the collaboration that governs and directs modern employee ownership companies...continue

Environmental Sustainability

Employee Ownership, Incentives and Environmental Sustainability

Companies face increasing pressure – from customers, the government, and others – to conduct operations responsibly with respect to the environment and the long-term interests of all their stakeholders. It is by now common for large corporations to employ several sustainability officers...continue


Start-ups and Compensating Employees with Equity

The statistics are plain to see, start-ups are a venture of high-risk and high-reward. A recent white paper from the Harvard Business School entitled Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship sheds light on the topic...continue


Ten Ways to Get the Most from a 360-Degree Leadership Assessment

In employee-owned businesses, an alignment of goals and priorities is vital and desired. The leadership should be interested in an assessment of their performance. Leadership in these companies may be unorthodoxly defined because it may include...continue

Practical Tips

Practical Tips for Handling Diversification Distributions

Code Section 401(a)(28) provides the regulatory details with respect to diversification of stock balances in an ESOP participant’s account. Plan sponsors are required to provide participant notifications and process diversification payments to participants...continue

We the Owners

Documentary Film We The Owners – Employees Expanding the American Dream

The Beyster Institute announces the availability of the documentary film, We the Owners: Employees Expanding the American Dream.  Successfully thriving in the global economy of the 21st century and beyond will require new business models and strategies to enable the American dream...continue
NCEO/Beyster Institute Employee Ownership Conference

Coming in April: The Festival of Engaged Stakeholders

It is once again that wondrous time of the year when the employee ownership elves are hard at work preparing for the annual “festival of engaged stakeholders,” or as most people call it, the NCEO/Beyster Institute Employee Ownership conference...continue