Fall 2014

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The Role of Management in an Employee-Ownership Company

In our last issue, we started a discussion of the three elements of the governance structure of ESOP companies with a brief analysis of the role of the board of directors in the oversight and governance of our companies. With this issue, we move from this highest level oversight unit to the other end of the spectrum…continue

Shared Capitalism: Lessons from the 6th Annual Beyster Summer Fellowship Symposium

What are the best strategies for aligning equity incentives for all stakeholders, and what lessons can be drawn from cutting-edge research in the area? How do you sustain broad-based employee ownership during organizational transitions? What are the equity trends in the U.S. and abroad…continue

The Wealthy and Powerful Discover Inequality

Even the rich are admitting that inequality is bad for business. As the Gilded Age has been peaking, a number of the rich and their foundations have been helping the hungry, the sick, the homeless, the battered, the less educated and veterans in need of opportunity…continue

Requirement, Guidance, Advice and Implication: A Brief Look at a Couple of Recent ESOP Legal Events

In the last several weeks, the ESOP community has been given a couple of morsels to chew on that have the community buzzing like a bad transformer on an active power-line. We are, of course, talking about a pair of legal events related to fiduciary responsibility…continue

Dr. J. Robert Beyster Shares Insights on Employee Ownership and Succession Planning in Second Edition of "The SAIC Solution"

Many people recognize Dr. J. Robert Beyster as the San Diego entrepreneur who founded and led Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) from a small technology company into the largest employee-owned research and engineering firm in the U.S…continue

How Do I Get More Employees to Actively Participate in Our Plan?

You just received the dreaded call from your friendly 401(k) third-party administrator – your average deferral percentage test is failing…again! Some of your highly compensated employees will be disappointed to learn that money they deferred will be returned to them and is taxable…continue


Got Stock? Employers Take Note – Future Employees Want Their Share

An increasing number of workers are considering the availability of a company stock when evaluating a new job opportunity, according to research from Fidelity Investments. When asked about the importance of company stock plans as part of their compensation and benefits package…continue

Employee Ownership Management Program Fall 2014

The Beyster Institute will present its 12th annual Employee Ownership Management program this fall, Oct. 12-15, 2014 at the Rady School of Management. The class is part of their comprehensive program of employee-ownership governance education: the Governance Curriculum for Employee-Ownership Companies…continue