Dr. J. Robert Beyster Shares Insights on Employee Ownership and Succession Planning in Second Edition of The SAIC Solution

SAIC Cover

Many people recognize Dr. J. Robert Beyster as the San Diego entrepreneur who founded and led Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) from a small technology company into the largest employee-owned research and engineering firm in the U.S.  Now, to commemorate his milestone 90th birthday, Dr. Beyster has released a second edition of The SAIC Solution: Built by Employee Owners, in which he looks back and reflects on what he has learned in his 35 years of growing, and then exiting, an employee-owned company.

In this second edition, Dr. Beyster added his reflections on the shortcomings in succession planning and governance that led to his retirement in 2004. Within 18 months following his departure, SAIC held an initial public offering and subsequently began dismantling its powerful employee-ownership culture.

The book includes many specific practices and principles for steady as well as rapid growth of this privately held, employee-owned company.  It also is a cautionary tale for any entrepreneur, company founder, or executive who may find that the company he or she built over the course of many years is at risk, making the book a must-read for any business owner facing succession! 

The book has a unique trailer, with the words of Dr. Beyster spoken by the people who lived the SAIC experience -- watch it here and purchase your copy now here.

The SAIC Solution: Built by Employee Owners, is published by FED Productions, which also released the award-winning employee-ownership documentary We the Owners and the book Names, Numbers, and Network Solutions.  More at www.fed.org


Dr. J. Robert Beyster, founder and former CEO and chairman, SAIC