Summer 2014

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Public Speaking

Atlanta Heats Up For Employee Ownership

This year Atlanta hosted the 2014 National Employee Ownership Conference (NCEO). With more than 1,200 attendees and record attendance, the event was a huge success! Employee-owned companies and professionals from around the country gathered together at this event to share their knowledge, experiences and unique perspective on employee ownership…continue

ESOP Governance Collaborators: The Board of Directors 

In pure governance terms, the board of directors' role in any corporation is central to the growth and development of the business. It is the board's role to ensure, to every extent possible, the development of value for the shareholders of the corporation. In doing so, the board focuses on the goals of the business, sets strategic direction, and oversees the highest level management as it seeks to achieve those goals…continue


The Benefits of Outside Directors in ESOP Companies

Selling a business to an ESOP often requires significant changes to the company's governance structure. In many cases, this can include expanding the board of directors to satisfy the requirements of the ESOP trustee, whose first concern is protecting the value of the stock for ESOP participants…continue

Hiring Wisdom – Top 10 Ways to Guarantee Your Best People Will Quit

Mel Kleiman, the president of Humetrics, a company that works to improve the hourly employees' employment and retention process, presents ten ways to guarantee that your best people will quit. In almost each of the items he lists, a vibrant employee-owned environment would address the issue…continue

Artisanal? Craft? Organic? Absolutely – and Increasingly Employee Owned 

I get a little extra thrill when I drink a craft beer from an independent brewery, sip a perfect cup of coffee made using the pour-over method from a gourmet roaster, or sample a new organic snack item developed by a food start-up…continue