Fall 2015

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The Benefits of an ESOP for Corporate Transition Strategies

Like many ESOPs, the Macfadden Employee Stock Ownership Plan was established as a means of transitioning ownership from the company's founder to its employees. Just over 12 years later, the Macfadden ESOP now owns 100 percent of the company with all of the shares fully allocated to the accounts of the plan participants. Along the way, the company has been able to take advantage of a number of ESOP benefits…continue

Sustainability in the 21st Century

For the last several years, there has been a constant and very predictable discussion taking place regarding the sustainability of ESOP companies. Below the surface of the argument are really two fundamentally different questions: a) Is our company sustainable in the marketplace? And, b) Is it sustainable as an employee-owned venture?...continue

Section 1042: A Guide to Floating Rate Notes

Floating rate notes (FRNs) are bonds that have a variable coupon that is pegged to a reference rate, typically LIBOR, plus a fixed spread. There are several variations of FRNs, but this article will focus on those utilized to fulfill IRC Section 1042 requirements…continue

Owners at Work – Interview Issue from the Ohio Employee Ownership Center

Highlights include a moving tribute from Mary Ann Beyster about her father, Dr. J. Robert Beyster; an interview with Martin Staubus, executive director, Beyster Institute; a recap from the 29th annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference and other interviews…continue

Corporate Directos

A Belated Graduation Speech to Baby Boomer Business Owners

Graduation speeches have come and gone again, urging young grads to go out and pursue their dreams. Well, you did that. You built a successful company that has created financial security for your family, jobs for employees, taxes for your community, and useful products and services for your customers...continue

Beyster Institute – Employee Ownership Management 2015

The Beyster Institute will present its 13th annual Employee Ownership Management program this fall – Oct. 11-14, 2015 at the Rady School of Management. The class is part of the Institute's comprehensive program of employee-ownership governance education: the Governance Curriculum for Employee-Ownership Companies…continue