Summer 2015

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The Beyster Institute Startup Toolkit

The Beyster Institute is proud to offer a new educational service geared for entrepreneurs.  The Startup Toolkit is a comprehensive set of tools to assist the start-up entrepreneur when making important business decisions…continue


ESOP and a New Wave of Local Awareness

It has long been apparent that the most effective way to promote employee ownership is through local influence.  The proof of this is pretty clear in the distribution of ESOPs around the country.   Over the years, people have often wondered why there are such distinct clusters of ESOPs in specific areas of the country...continue


Why Are ESOPs Prevalent in Manufacturing and Construction Industries?

Two of the most common industries to have established ESOPs are construction and manufacturing, combining to make up 35 percent of the 1,600 companies represented by the ESOP Association. Both industries have unique characteristics that create a receptive environment for these employee ownership plans…continue

Employee Ownership Conference 2015

The Employee Ownership Conference, presented by the National Center for Employee Ownership began with pre-conference sessions on April 20.  While normally focused on ESOPs in particular, this year included sessions specific to cooperatives such as What Coops and ESOPs Can Learn from Each Other: Governance, Financing, and Morecontinue


Critical Mass for Business Radio Interview

Interview with Martin Staubus
The Critical Mass for Business radio program aired on March 17, 2015.  Martin Staubus, Beyster Institute; and Keith Molchan, Community Bank were interviewed by Richard Franzi, host of the show…continue