Fall 2016

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A New Way to Wave the Employee-Ownership Flag

A new ESOP venture has come to our attention we thought you might find interesting. Ownership Alliance is a new research and endorsement enterprise that has come up with a program to certify companies as employee owned and provide them with right to use the “EO Certified” emblem on their advertising...continue


Making Your Meetings Better

You can be responsible for your own behavior and for meetings you call. There are ways to improve the quality of your meetings through better planning, taking control of the process and by holding yourself and others accountable. If you are the leader, or you can help train others, here are tips to make your meetings more productive...continue


Ten Ways to Make Your ESOP Great

On average, ESOPs are wins for everyone – sellers, employees, and the company itself – but the average is pulled up by a handful of stellar ESOP companies. In our 35 years of working with leads of ESOP companies, we have seen 10 things that can make a good ESOP into a great ESOP...continue

Impressive Job Candidate Qualities

There are conflicting opinions as to the most important characteristics that hiring managers look for in a candidate. In a recent survey of more than 15,000 clients, Express Employment Professionals showed the top three aspects that employers look for are…continue


Productivity Slowdown Presents Middle Market CEOs with an Unusual Profit Opportunity

Middle-market companies – those with highly engaged workforces – are uniquely positioned to defy the prevailing trend of slowed productivity growth in the U.S. economy…continue


Employee Ownership Management Program - Fall 2016

The Beyster Institute will present its 14th annual Employee Ownership Management program Oct. 16-19, 2016 at the Rady School of Management. The class is part of the Institute’s comprehensive program of employee-ownership governance education…continue