Spring 2016

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J. Robert Beyster Papers: A Legacy of Employee-Owners’ Journey for Innovation

In December, my family finalized a very personal, and we hope impactful, gift titled, J.R. Beyster Papers, to UCSD Library’s Special Collections. After about one year of pre-processing, the collection includes more than 200 boxes of documents covering more than 50 years of hundreds of advanced scientific innovations…continue


Client Profile: Gems N’ Loans

Not all happy endings begin with love at first sight, and Gems N’ Loans is a classic case study for why one can’t always judge a book (or, in this case, a business) by its cover. In 1993, Mack Hembree, a successful real estate businessman, was invited to invest in opening a business that he had some commonly held reservations about. The business was a pawn shop…continue


The 100 Percent ESOP-Owned S Corporation

Corporations in the U.S. are generally taxed at the corporate level unless they make an election with the IRS to be taxed at the shareholder level, known as an S Corporation. Corporations that do not make this election are by default taxed as a C Corporation. S Corporations only can issue one class of stock and can have no more than 100 shareholders...continue

ESOPs Turn Workers into Owners

The Society for Human Resource Management, the world’s largest HR membership organization devoted to HR management is finding value in the creation of employee stock ownership plans and recently featured this article on their website…continue


Corporate Directors’ Exchange 2016

Coming this July 24-26, 2016, the Beyster Institute will present its fourth annual "Corporate Directors’ Exchange" program.  As part of the Governance Curriculum on Employee Ownership at the Rady School of Management, the Directors' Exchange is a unique opportunity for people serving in or considering serving as directors of ESOP companies to share their experiences with others in similar situations…continue