Summer 2016

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California Center for Employee Ownership Update: CCEO Comes Online

Last May, we introduced you to a new effort aimed at spreading the word about employee ownership at local and regional levels throughout the country. The idea of proliferating state centers throughout the U.S. was designed to help local and regional groups form and operate centers and provide assistance to those interested in employee ownership. During the last year, much has happened getting the CCEO on its feet. Foremost, CCEO has taken up permanent residence at the Rady School of Management at UCSD…continue

The ESOP-Owned S Corporation: Bringing Ownership to Life with Synthetic Equity

As readers of Leading Companies know, the “ESOP-Owned S corporation” structure offers truly remarkable advantages that can transform a business into a tax-exempt, for-profit entity. An S corporation whose stock is held in an ESOP, of course, pays no federal income tax (and little or no state income tax) at the corporate level… continue


Employee Ownership Innovations

The 2016 National Center for Employee Ownership annual conference was held in April in Minneapolis, Minn., and it was a great time for company executives, ESOP administrators, and consultants to gather to discuss employee ownership. A record-setting 1,683 people attended the conference this year…continue


NPR – All Things Considered – “Why Chobani Gave Employees a Financial Stake in Company’s Future"

It’s been a good week for employees of Chobani. They learned that they could eventually own about 10 percent of the rapidly expanding Greek yogurt company. That could potentially make millionaires of some workers…continue


Lawmakers, small businesses praise employee stock ownership plans

Lawmakers and current and former small-business leaders on Wednesday praised a type of retirement plan that is intended to facilitate employee ownership of businesses... continue