Spring 2017

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Impact Investing to Scale Employee Ownership

In 2016, the Foundation for Enterprise Development embarked on a landscape study to evaluate how the evolving field of “impact investing” has a place to support and advance employee-owned enterprises. Impact investing is typically defined as investments in products, services and companies that generate a positive social and environmental impact, as well as a market return for investors…continue


Inside vs Outside Loan: Why Complicate the Transaction?

ESOP transactions are complex animals, with many moving parts. These transactions lie at the intersection of ERISA law and the domain of mergers and acquisitions, straddling the world of finance and qualified retirement plans. Add to the mix that there is not a lot of common ESOP experience or knowledge in the general business community…continue


NCEO 2017 Employee Ownership Conference 

As the nation’s premiere gathering on employee ownership, the annual Employee Ownership Conference provides an ideal opportunity to learn, network, and share your knowledge and experiences with experts and leaders within the community. In 2017, the conference will take place in downtown Denver, Colo., from April 4 -6 with preconference sessions on April 3. The Beyster Institute is again a major sponsor of...continue

Employee Stock Ownership Plans as a Strategic Benefit

Companies that care for their employees benefit from improved employee retention, competitive advantages, and superior financial performance. Today, employee ownership is no longer just a catchy term that differentiates businesses, but rather a strategic opportunity that benefits stakeholders. Recent business and political events may indicate a shift toward companies being employee owned…continue


Honoring a Great Friend of Employee Ownership

There are few people in our ESOP community more iconic than Frieda Takaki. Frieda, almost singlehandedly, launched and built the Hawaii Chapter of The ESOP Association. From there, she has continued to serve our community in virtually every role possible…continue


Why The Founding Fathers Believed In Broad-Based Employee Ownership

After America won its independence from Britain, there was plenty of hard work yet to do. That included rebuilding the nation’s cod fishing fleet, which had been decimated during the war. President Washington charged his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson with coming…continue


Corporate Directors’ Exchange 2017

Coming this June 11-13, 2017, the Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management will conduct its fifth annual – “Corporate Directors’ Exchange” program. As part of the Governance Curriculum on Employee Ownership at the Rady School of Management, the Directors’ Exchange is a unique opportunity for people serving in or considering serving as directors of ESOP companies to share their experiences with others in similar situations…continue