Spring 2018


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ESOP Lending: A Former Bankers Insight on the Huge Opportunity Bankers are Missing

The average banker’s lack of knowledge about employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) lending, especially regarding the productivity of the use of funds, is inhibiting business deals that could be lucrative for banks. During my former career in personal and commercial banking spanning more than 10 years over three different banks, I never was approached with an inquiry or request regarding ESOP financing...continue

Summary of Jim Wisdom’s Article, Pacific Coast Business Times

In the April 2018 issue of the Pacific Coast Business Times, an article appeared that was written by business advisor Jim Wisdom in which he laid out a compelling case for the difficulty business owners are facing in business succession in the current economic climate. It is a fundamentally solid article on the subject as far as it goes. At one point in the article, though, Mr. Wisdom essentially declared ESOPs to be too complex and too expensive to serve many businesses in that process…continue

Creating an Employee Ownership Legacy

ESOP’s are almost universally adopted as tactics to achieve the objectives of founding shareholders. Those goals include establishing business continuity as founders transition out of the organization, a vehicle of accessing liquidity for founders, rewarding hard-working employees, or protecting the organization’s culture identity...continue

Using the Voice of the Worker in Your Employee-Owned Company

Employee ownership is a business ownership model, but the best EO companies take this structure and build a participative management structure with it. Employee-owned companies have a unique opportunity to have participative management at two levels – the work level and the corporate citizenship level…continue

The Importance of Sharing Knowledge about How an ESOP Works

Have you ever experienced a situation in which you ask yourself – how does this process actually work - like when contracting a mortgage, buying a new car, signing an insurance agreement, or filing your taxes?…continue

The 2018 NCEO Conference in Atlanta Was a Smash Hit

With record attendance, the 2018 NCEO Annual Conference was quite an affair. The conference pulls together employee owners from companies with ESOPs, and ESOP industry professionals, to discuss key issues about broad-based employee ownership…continue

Employee Stock Plans in China

In the 1980s, China advocated an “open-door policy” to promote foreign direct investments and foster an economic reform for marketization. In response to the new policy, the concept of employee ownership was introduced to various types of state-owned and collective enterprises…continue

Delegation from India Tours the Beyster Institute, Rady School of Management

The Beyster Institute was pleased to welcome a delegation from India sent from the U.S. Department of State on May 16, 2018…continue