Beyster Startup Toolkit

Starting a business is challenging. To help, the Beyster Institute is pleased to offer our Startup Toolkit, a comprehensive set of resources to assist entrepreneurs as they run their businesses.

We can help you better understand ways to fund your business, as well as more about topics that may not be at the top of your mind — equity compensation, intellectual property, and commercial real estate.

Why should what we say matter? The Beyster Institute's heritage is one of entrepreneurism. Dr. J. Robert Beyster launched a startup called SAIC in 1969, and by the time he retired from the company in 2004 it had grown to Fortune 500® size, with more than 40,000 employees and annual revenues approaching $8 billion. Dr. Beyster firmly believed that the methods used to develop SAIC — employee ownership, shared entrepreneurship, and participation — can make a real difference in the success of an enterprise and in the economic lives of people everywhere. We're proud to be giving back to the entrepreneur community in the spirit of Dr. Beyster.

The resources in the Startup Toolkit are free to use. Should you find the tools here useful, spread the word.

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