Come gain the knowledge, skills, and business acumen to earn the Mini-MBA Certificate at the University of California, Rady School of Management. Experience what it takes to build a business by training in a Startup Simulator; Acquire rigorous cutting-edge business problem-solving skills, leadership training, strategic thinking, and creative communication skills that improve your prospects in the Marketplace.

Designed and developed by award-winning UC San Diego Rady and Jacobs School Senior faculty member Vish Krishnan in conjunction with industry leaders, the Mini-MBA program is designed  for participants who want to gain business knowledge and acumen in a fun, action-learning environment. It can be taken by graduate students and post-docs as well as faculty/staff and industry professionals interested in decision-making in a fast-paced environment.  The program will involve a combination of Discussion, Strategy, and De-brief Sessions that combined with Simulator Training will prepare you for the realities of a competitive marketplace. You will learn key concepts about: business operations and strategy, innovation and venture creation, and leadership decision-making skills.

Course Impact

The Mini-MBA course will go beyond basic fluency to equip you with actionable knowledge and skills along with training using a business simulator. In addition, you will have the chance to learn from business leaders about the intangible elements of business acumen. Satisfactory completion of the course will be rewarded with a Mini-MBA certificate from the UC San Diego Rady School of Management.


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