mentoringThe CIID programs, along with many other unique and experiential learning programs at the Rady School, offer students and alumni to explore the opportunities available through entrepreneurism and innovation. A central element of all of these opportunities is the availability of mentors who provide feedback and guidance to teams in the early phases of their startups. Our mentors come from a variety of different backgrounds with experience in startups either through building their own companies or providing financial support to growing businesses.

Our newest program, DRIvE (Developing Rady Innovation Entrepreneurs), focuses on taking carefully selected startups with some traction (prize money, seed funding, fully developed product) and pairing them with high level mentors who can help them to grow. Startups present to a panel of up to 30 mentors and are then connected to mentors through a unique matching process. Mentors come from diverse backgrounds with experience in IP law, marketing, manufacturing, biotech, high tech, and finance, and commit to meeting with startups for a minimum of six months. 

Startups from across UC San Diego are welcome to apply for the DRIvE program by completing this form

We are always looking to build our pool of mentors. We are looking for experienced entrepreneurs, marketing and development specialists, scientists, engineers, attorneys, accountants, and others who would like to play a role in advancing young startups. If you are interested, please email Karen at

CIID is grateful for our mentors who volunteer their time and willingly share their expertise in the interest of seeing our startups grow.