Class of 2014-15


AccuStick is developing a portable and easy-to-use automatic phlebotomy device that recognizes adult/ pediatric veins in superficial locations and perform accurate venipunchures through multi-parameter algorism. Our goal is to fulfill patient satisfaction by raising the success rate of each blood drawn.


Ayah! is developing a tool to assist medical personnel in communicating with non-English speakers to reduce interpretation errors and provide accurate diagnoses. Our goal is to provide hospitals with accessible economic communication options.

Bystanders to Upstanders

Bystanders to Upstanders is a start-up social enterprise developing a community service platform to engage people in finding local opportunities, tracking their volunteer hours, and connecting with other socially-responsible community members

Cereus Innovation

Cereus Innovation is developing a novel solution for overcoming growth and maintenance of stem cells in high atmospheric oxygen. Our goal is to add value and reduce cost for early stage disruptive stem cell technologies.


CodexMed represents the future of healthcare coding. The solution is a one-click platform technology for coding translation to drastically improve point of care diagnostics and subsequent administrative challenges.


CyanoStat is focused on environmental and social responsibility by cultivating and tracking the growth of algae with the CyanoStat. CyanoStat's goal is to lower the cost of research and provide individuals with more access to growing algae.


Meego is a motion-activated alarm designed to prevent laptop theft in public places. With students and professionals increasingly working on-the-go, there is a market need for a convenient laptop security solution. At just over a square inch in size, Meego easily mounts onto the cover of a laptop and will sound a loud alarm if it detects that a theft is occurring.

Class of 2015-16


allMarina is an online marketplace for boat slip rentals that connects users with boat slips for rent with boaters looking to rent the space.


AWhere will be an app that allows people to quickly find each other in confusing and chaotic situations, bypassing the extra steps which prevent people from reaching each other, and enabling a smooth and efficient experience that will save people time and energy in finding each other.


Ensight is developing an analytics platform for virtual reality media that will allow content publishers and advertisers to use real-time gaze tracking data to determine user interests.


HealthGnome is an online marketplace that allows clients to find vetted health practitioners, such as acupuncturists, massage therapist, and yoga instructors, and make appointments and payments.


Hydrostasis is building a wearable sensor that continuously monitors athletes' hydration, enabling them to achieve peak performance.

la jolla research

La Jolla Research provides clinical research consulting for both pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We provide everything from clinical regulatory to protocol and market strategy.


MaTech introduces MixTern, a web application for future interns to find intern roommates. We believe that matching services can make people’s lives more efficient.


Nanome is building intelligent modular components to transform houses into connected computing and sensory networks. The home of the future is your digital self.


Responsiblr is a radically transparent, anonymous talent marketplace that gives job hunters real-time, contextualized salary and talent data so that they can quickly land a job that they'd love (at a pay rate they deserve).

Clip Diagnostics

Clip Diagnostics (formerly ZymeKey) provides rapid fluorescence-based assays for the detection of proteolytic enzyme activity in native biological samples with applications throughout the diagnostics and life sciences industries

Class of 2016-17


Bringing a competitive price, our 3D printed, GPS and LED enabled walking stick targets not only the upcoming influx of seniors but also adventurous people who love the outdoors.

Amal Diagnostics

We are creating a convenient, affordable in-home sexual health screening kit.

Blue Latitudes

Blue Latitudes provides environmental assessment services to address the ecological, economic and social implications of offshore decommissioning.


Diario is creating a therapeutic smartwatch for children with deficient emotional self-regulation, including over half of children with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Geminice focuses on developing aesthetic products that rejuvenate people's skin and greatly slow the aging process.


Greyble is slashing residential water footprints with a user-friendly system that treats indoor wastewater as a resource for outdoor irrigation.


Through the competitive advantage of a 75 year old family owned textile conglomerate, NeithE empowers fashion designers to start their own small business with no upfront costs.

SciCrunch Inc

SciCrunch Inc gathers data, tags data and then gives it back to users in cleaned up form.


A personalized mobile skin genie that knows more about your skin health than you.

VisiCELL Medical

VisiCELL is a safe and biodegradable stem cell tracking agent that can be used in both patients and animal models.

Class of Spring 2017

Amniotic Wrap

Amniotic Wrap is a wearable device for mothers with postpartum depression to aid in bonding with their children and alleviate their challenges.


Brandpackers helps mid-sized companies establish an on-campus presence by training student ambassadors that can grow your brand and discover talent. 


HapiFlo is a data-driven audio-guided yoga app that provides personalized breath and alignment instructions during yoga sequences to empower busy people to take control of their stress and to better their health.


A mobile platform for helping businesses discover and employee women looking for short term remote work.


SafetyNow will provide a quick background check on violent crimes.

Sage Well

Sage Well offers Asian health conscious teas, snacks, and products translated for the US consumer market tastes, quality, and regulations.


We are building an online platform to facilitate cost-free exchange between US Dollar and China Yuan.