Rady Idea Challenge


CIID Rady Idea Challenge

The Rady Idea Challenge, exclusively for first year MBA students, invites you to observe the world around you and think about the things you experience and think about pain points. Is there a solution that can become a product or service that would be widely utilized?

The challenge is simple – think about what you see and:

  • Develop an idea of how to solve the problem
  • Work alone or with a team
  • Think about your potential customer and how you can monetize your solution.
  • Submit a video of up to 3 minutes (you can create it on your phone!) describing the problem, your solution, and your potential customer

Selected ideas will present at the Rady Idea Challenge Quick Pitch Competition!


Deadline extended! Apply online by January 11, 2019 at https://www.f6s.com/radyideachallenge2018/apply

Please email Karen Jensen at khjensen@ucsd.edu with any questions.