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Class of WINTER/SPRING 2021


logo-antifragile-zineAntifragile Zine

We are a media platform and artist collective created by and for youth artists to document movements and change happening through art by youth right now. We are focused on highlighting and uplifting marginalized and underrepresented voices and creatives of color. This is a haven for youth artists to feel both safe, supported, and beautiful, as well as angry, loud, and heard. We are committed to giving a platform to voices that often get pushed aside, to tell the stories that go untold, and to start conversations that bring forward social change. We see the power in liberation, and will maintain a raw, strong voice for artists while also lifting them up.

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Jeweled App is a dating app for transgender and transgender-attracted people to transition into more meaningful relationships.


KelpTech is revolutionizing the packaging industry by creating a solution made from one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, seaweed. The product will be fully biodegradable as it is 100% plant-based aiming to help reduce the amount of plastic packaging entering our landfills or worse, entering the environment. Our business model aims to produce this material through proprietary processes as well as offer a packaging service for a variety of different products.

logo-lichenlabThe Lichen Lab Co. 

We help research organizations access innovative solutions that promote sustainability in laboratories.  Our current focus is on commercializing an extremely affordable fume hood sash-closing alarm.  Let's collaborate to keep your fume hoods closed, improve lab safety, and save a lot of energy!


Transparent Support

Class of FALL/WINTER 2020


Our application serves as a tool to build, foster, and connect communities around reading. BookCamp aims to enrich the reading experience through a social sphere, where users can share thoughts, opinions, ask questions, and more directly on a shared ebook.


Pareto Tree ( ) is developing continuous and non-invasive wearable monitoring systems to enable early detection and prediction of inpatient health deterioration with a specific focus on predicting cardiac and respiratory fatal events


Project Fruition

An interactive online career technical education program for students. 

Mode HumanaMode Humana's mission is to help women feel confident in a personalized selection of ethical, made-to-last clothing that fosters environmental and social responsibility



Class of WINTER/SPRING 2020

Bio for All : Bio for All offers quick, convenient, and affordable lab services to local scientists looking to scale up or outsource their labwork. Bio for All's unique recruiting and training program will increase diversity in the life science industry by providing jobs and experience to minorities and students from under-resourced schools.

Multiverse- 2020 : We're a platform to connect students with corresponding tutors

Tyme for Survivors : Tyme is an app that gives survivors the ability to report at their own pace


The Bioenergy ProjectA B2B that uses digester-ponics to convert food waste into food and fuel.

Food Haven: Food Haven is a multi-sided platform that connects users to businesses with surplus meals.

Sustiego: A platform that connects students with restaurants selling excess food.

Locallink: A social network and aggregated database for connecting cities.


Class of FALL 2019 

Latina Grad Guide - Our mission is to increase the educational attainment of Latina women by empowering them to pursue graduate education and supporting them through the graduate school exploration and application process


H3 Heroes Helping Heroes 

Project Pangolin





Class of 2019 

FreeGen Technologies is developing the SeaSkimmer, an autonomous marine drone that collects trash in ports and harbors, and uses machine learning to predict locations of high-density trash hotspots.

Simplifying the process of finding a coach.


Devoted to creating mechanical solutions to eliminate the restrictions of Essential and Parkinson's hand tremors.

EV Charging Everywhere

Bring More Green to the World


We seek to empower students and campus organizations through a complete mobile voting and collective decision making app.


Class of 2018 

  Family Proud

Family Proud brings peace of mind to patients, families and their support networks. 

Family Proud is a mobile-application based patient advocacy software solution that provides hospitalized patients and their families easy and secure access to all their essential social, medical, and logistical resources. Our mission is to provide a simple, direct way for patients and their families to express their needs, explain their treatments, access information and communicate with their loved ones. 


InfoPost tries to redefine the experience of news using advanced AI and beautiful design.

  Karigor Marketplace

Through Karigor Marketplace our goal is to empower craftsmen to break through the barriers of poverty by capitalizing on their own creativity. We believe in transparency, we believe in the empowerment of the creative being.


SurfUP is the first of its kind automated surfboard rental business concept that pairs with a smartphone application to facilitate a self-checkout process for renting a surfboard. This company will be utilizing the shared economy model. There is an opportunity to create a novel locking mechanism for the surfboards and/or a transaction process that is unlike any other process in the public domain.

Athlete Initiative

At Athlete Initiative we strive to reduce instances of sexual violence with a prevention program geared toward educating student-athletes. 

Our training platform encourages a sense of leadership and responsibility of awareness within the athletic community. College athletes will develop the confidence in utilizing bystander behavior, while Athlete Initiative provides customized training with the understanding that every campus faces unique issues. Our goal is to educate student-athletes on the issues surrounding sexual violence, prevent occurrences of these crimes, and promote healthy relationships.


Saltwater fuel, generating electricity and freshwater. 

Inaugural Class of 2017


CookU is designed to reduce food waste, save money, improve health, and make cooking an easier and more enjoyable experience. 

Saral Pooja

Saral Pooja provides a personalized service for users to engage with a real Pundit with a hologram or high def video channel and conduct a Pooja. We also provide programs for people to revive religious practices and ceremonies which have been integral part of culture and lifestyle.
Our long term vision is to help people forster faith in the community.


Luxury bed and bath products brands with a social responsibility purpose.


Our solution combines the efficiency of Venmo with a donation focus to aid the homeless.


The goal of NowWhat is to connect individuals with communities that support and seek similar interests, helping students discover the infinite network around them through an organized list of nearby organizations, clubs and experiences in their immediate area.

Embrace HealthWear Inc.

We have developed a non-obtrusive wearable device that analyzes how people walk and uses that information to predict and prevent falling injuries in older adults. Based on these measurements, we provide targeted exercise recommendations that are proven to reduce the risk of falling and promote mobile and independent living. 

Seahawk Seaweed Co.

Combing science, technology and sustainable seafood to feed a growing human population.


Developing ways to measure the indoor air quality in public spaces in developing countries.

Worldcare Technologies

Aims to solve healthcare problems with a low-cost HIV monitoring system for low-resource settings.

Midlife Wellness

Midlife implements blockchain based personal health records for the public good. Midlife Wellness aims to enable a new technical architecture for health information that is built on cryptography, decentralization, and open standards.